Have you ever wondered, What is keeping my body alive? What energy gives life to my body with my first breath, and what energy will leave my body when I die? 
Let us consider some fundamental questions. Obviously you have a physical body, which seems to run by itself: Lungs breathe, food digests, and blood rushes through your veins. Yet what makes it breathe? What makes your heart beat continually? What keeps it running like a clock, and what makes it stop? The answers to these questions seem elusive. 
No medical doctor can tell you why, with a baby’s first cry, the miracle of life begins, or why, with the last rasp of death, this same miracle comes to an end. Although a doctor can describe all the systems of your body and how they function, no one has unveiled the true secret of life. 
However, as we look to the Far East, we can begin to unlock this mystery. The ancients of India and China discovered a precious, invisible, imperceptible substance that animates your body and, indeed, bestows life on the cosmos. This precious life essence, called prana, is that fundamental energy. You can discover this pranic energy, or life-force, and learn how to strengthen that power in your life. 
Your physical body is not the only body you inhabit. You also have a subtle body, consisting of several layers, or sheaths. In India, these are called koshas. Your subtle body, which pervades and surrounds your physical body, is called your energy field, or aura. For most  people, the subtle body is invisible, both to the eye and to nearly all scientific measuring instruments. 
In the ancient Sanskrit language the root ar means “spoke of a wheel,” indicating that the aura radiates from the body as the spokes of a wheel radiate from the hub. The ancient Greek word aura means “breath of air” or “breeze”—the vital energy that breathes life into your being. So the subtle energy field, which permeates and envelops your body, is your auric field—a multifaceted, multidimensional sphere of immense light, power, and vitality. 
The breath of air that gives you life also breathes life into the cosmos. Thus everything in the universe is filled and surrounded by auric fields that you can experience, measure, evaluate, cleanse, heal, restore, and strengthen. 
You can discover auric fields; you can also cleanse and strengthen your own aura and the auras of others. Indeed, you can master the art of healing the energy field of your environment, home, workplace, city, nation—even your planet. 
Are you ready to begin your adventure to unlock the power of auras? Are you willing to become an inner-space explorer and discover who you really are? Are you ready to unearth mysterious realms of invisible, secret, unexplored places? Now is time to dive into the unknown depths of your heart and find the treasures buried within. 
The book The Power of Auras can help you increase your own pranic energy and augment the energy in your surroundings through simple yet powerful methods that produce profound results instantaneously.  
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