What if nothing happens in 2012?

Hello everyone.

I just read an article by Ron Murdock here and it made me see that I too had something to tell everyone.

He was talking about how religion or maybe other people were controlling people’s lives. I bet all of you has thought about it at least once in your life. You all probably think it’s very difficult to go against the socially acceptable and be known as the crazy man, or plain stupid.

I live in South America and here we almost don’t have news about ET’s or doomsday scenarios or disclosure. The most popular TV channel “Globo” is like a drug here. They tell people what to think, what values to have, what to buy, what’s wrong and what’s good. It is SAD. They just had a prime time soap that told people masturbating watching porn in the Internet is WRONG, that it could make a loveable marriage END. Come on, doctors of all kinds know it is healthy to know your body, that it is NATURAL to do so. Main stream media here despises any different news. If they haven’t made a soap about it, then IT CANNOT HAPPEN.

I’ve been thinking about 2012 for some time now. Sometimes I really think something big is gonna happen while other times I come to the conclusion we are just gonna kill ourselves eventually. And being the pessimistic that I am I have to think no one is gone to tell anything even if they know.

Everyone who speaks of 2012 talks about a “Great Change”. Sometimes they say it’ll lift the humans to another dimension while others say only a few people in earth will survive. Some ancient societies or cultures says the “Gods” will come from heaven again and nothing will ever be the same. I think a lot of people trust those hypothesis some much that they just stopped trying, stopped trying to make things better for them and everyone else.

I don’t think I’m prone to fantasies. I do have some believes that are not “main stream” but reason means a great deal to me. So I ask myself the question.

WHAT IF NOTHING HAPPENS? I would really like if something grand happened in 2012. Believe in me, I would be static if aliens landed their crafts in here, or governments said they were entering a new era, sharing all that they knew about Everyone . Even though I am only 21 I’ve passed other doomsday scenarios such as 2000. Or 2001 since religious people said that the new century would only begin in 2001 and that was the year “Jesus” was coming back and change everything.

Yes, I do believe 2012 has more authenticity than any other date so far, but still. I would bet that the same people that swore the world would end in 2000 or 2001 or whatever are saying that the earth is gone to change in 2012. Don’t get me wrong, I think theres a chance something major will happen next year. It is more than a coincidence so many people, cultures, say the same thing but people should also prepare if nothing happens. I don’t have knowledge from out of this world. I haven’t received intelligence from another dimension. But I do stop to think about what we are all doing now and what we will do after and if 2012 is gone.

I’m not here to judge anyone. Far from that. But you, who believe something BIG is gone to happen in 2012, what are you doing? Are you preparing for a catastrophe? There’s no harm in that. Are you trying to warn others? If you believe in it that’s the least you can do. But are you also thinking that if nothing happens then nothing will change and you will have wasted so much time and energy to accomplish nothing?

What I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter if you believe or not in 2012. Never stop helping others. Never stop trying to make this cold, lonely, merciless world into a “heaven” so to speak. Quick note, I do NOT believe in religious Heaven. Never have never will. But there’s always the chance that nothing will happen, and if that’s the case, we’ll all have to stop thinking something will change everything and start thinking that we are all the change we are gone to get. Stop believing everything you hear on TV. Stop thinking that if Mr. News Guy says it is so, it MUST be true, and everyone who says different is a lunatic.

To end it I must say I really hope something happens in 2012, but that really worries me because I know if nothing MAJOR happens then, most of the people that want to see a real change in the world are going to stop fighting. Believe what your heart tells you but try not to have any regrets because even if this isn’t the last day of everyone’s, it might be yours. 

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