Who is Responsible?


Witnesses are only as worthy as their demonstrated integrity. We have heard testimony from people who have been entrusted with the most sensitive secrets of the United States. They have come forth at great personal risk to disclose information that will end our will end our energy and food crisis, thereby improving the quality of life for our species.

It is not rocket science to figure out exactly who would suffer dearly if these problems were solved. They are the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about, that is completely out of control.

Personally, I have great faith in the integrity of people who were entrusted to keep their fingers on the nuclear trigger for decades and others who have held positions of knowledge and responsibility in this area, from the president on down.

I’m not buying coincidence in the sighting of probable alien craft at nuclear missile sites in the Midwest followed instantly by the disabling of dozens if these independently controlled weapons, for no explainable cause. The manoeuvres of an entity that would squash a human against the wall like a bug are not swamp gas. Please.

People in the know have testified that there are at least 57 versions of these beings conducting espionage on our planet. The intentions of many of these civilizations seem to be peaceful. They have fears that we may weaponize space. Given their advanced technology, any of our intentions in that area would clearly be akin to taking a knife to a gun fight.

These sighting have increased dramatically during the nuclear age. These entities have witnessed our continuing desire to make war with our own species and now with nuclear weapons in the picture, they can only be thinking “Oh no, the kids have found the matches.”

Listen. I love my country. I fear my government because this situation is clearly outside of the framers of our constitution. I want the federal employees who have threatened people in the know, with prison and murder, to be identified and completely stripped of any perceived authority they think they might have.

In 1963, the President of the United States was murdered. The government employees who clearly covered up this murder have yet to be identified. Who is really in charge?

The time is now. I’m open to any suggestions on how we can accomplish disclosure.

Thank you for your time and any anticipated response you have.

Best Regards,


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