Why is Spielberg trying to scare you about aliens?

When school returns this fall and students everywhere stand in front of their class to relate their adventures, Steven Spielberg could tell tales of scaring the living reason out of America.

It is apparent that the most famous American filmmaker of all time has decided to spend his summer convincing the planet that we need to be afraid of an alien invasion.  How many movies showcasing aggressive takeover campaigns by extraterrestrials is this esteemed filmmaker behind?  Not 1, not 2, but 3.  A trinity of exoteric xenophobia-inducing propaganda pieces.  In short, a summer full of shit. 

The crapstravaganza begins June 10 with the release of Super 8.  This one is particularly painful for me because it’s directed by J.J. Abrams, creator of The Show Television Was Invented For, a.k.a. LOST.  This may be the tamest, if not the lamest, of the 3 for the simple reason that it’s based on a true story from 1979.  That’s right, kids.  Aliens are REAL.  Don’t get your panties in a bunch.  They’ve always been real, and still here we are…invasionless.  Real story or not, the synopsis indicates that this true story is “terrifying”.  Goddammit, J.J.  Et tu?

The next fear fest is Transformers: Dark of the Moon, set for release on June 29.  I’ve seen the trailer for this in 3D on the world’s largest digital IMAX screen (just minutes from my house), and the visuals will be astounding.  That’s the only good thing I have to say about it.  This will probably be the best of the three at inducing sleepless nights as it features a complete planetary invasion by extraterrestrial war machines.  It’s also the only film of the three to be set in the present day.

Finally (I hope), Cowboys & Aliens opens July 29.  As the title would indicate, it’s set in the wild wild west of 1973.  There are some big names going up on the marquis beside this title: Harrison Ford plays the cavalry, the most recent James Bond Daniel Craig plays the dangerous stranger turned hero-of-the-day once the invasion starts (of course), and the lovely “13” from House, Olivia Wilde plays The Hot Chick You’re Supposed to Care About.  Clancy Brown and Keith Carradine also join the cast.  Would that I cared.  I don’t.  I’ve seen the trailer for this, and kudos to Spielberg for using craft that look like actual extraterrestrial ships to instill fear of aliens who are already here NOT invading us.  To add to the shame of this piece of propaganda, it’s co-written by Damon Lindelhof of LOST fame.  Et tu, Damon?  Fuck.

What happened to the Steven Spielberg I grew up with?  What happened to the man behind Close Encounters and E.T.?  Neither of those flicks inspired fear, at least not after the movie’s resolution.  They inspired wonder.  The aliens were not malevolent.  They were curious, communicative, cooperative, even playful.

So I have to ask myself why Spielberg might be dedicating an entire summer blockbuster season to inducing negative emotions like fear and xenophobia.  I hate to do it, but I gotta play the Jew card here.  Steven Spielberg comes from the Jewish culture.  How does that pertain here?  Well, I would think someone who has explored crimes of xenophobia against his own culture on film (Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers) would be reticent to turn around and perpetrate fear-based propaganda against people from another culture. And ultimately, that’s what our extraterrestrial brethren are.  They’re people.  From another culture.

And let’s not forget that Spielberg is also behind Falling Skies, a coming television series about…you guessed it…ALIEN INVASION!

Could it be that Steven Spielberg is just bored of making people feel good?  Or could it be that he’s being paid like a high dollar call girl to bring these fear-mongering messages to the masses?  Personally, I suspect the latter is more likely.  I don’t think it’s his idea.  I think he’s being led, if not coerced.  Who knows what skeletons a rich man has in his closet?  Richer men.  More powerful men.  Men with the power to start wars and profit from them. 

Ultimately, they why of it all doesn’t matter.  That it’s happening is just a truly sad state of affairs.  But that doesn’t mean you have to go see the movies.  I know I can say unequivocally that here are 3 summer flicks I will NOT be paying good money to see this summer.  And I might just sit out any Spielberg fare down the line on principle.  Judging from some of the titles, I’m guessing they’re more of the same shameful shit: RobopocalypseMen in Black IIIWhen Worlds Collide?  Spielberg is turning into a one trick pony with a lame leg.  Perhaps it’s time to put him out to pasture.

Whether you see any of these psy ops projects or not, I leave you with the message of encouragement delivered by angels and the Son of Man:


3 thoughts on “Why is Spielberg trying to scare you about aliens?

  1. Aliens are clearly infiltrating us, wishful thinking misses it

    I appreciate your skepticism of mainstream propaganda motives, but I find your failure to skeptically consider the alien presence as a major threat the classic type of wishful thinking that motivated Spielberg to go on such a rampage of instilling fear of the aliens into everyone. Please reconsider your argument for just because these unannounced visitors haven’t yet invaded us overtly doesn’t mean that they aren’t committing huge crimes against humanity. Fleets around Japan for a month leading up to 3/11… (think scene of the crime even as a junior investigator here)… Widespread alien abductions, reports of human-ET hybrid engineering, JFKs speech about Secret Societies and global monolithic threat from them, (think who’s really leading Freemasonry… leadership infiltration), military leadership infiltration around the world as per military witness testimonies, Area 51, major UFO presence around nuclear facilities en mass on many occasions as noted by military men including disarming and disabling many many American nukes… These are clear National Security threats that the aliens are showing themselves fully capable of to our leaders. What are our leaders to do about it you ask? How about getting people thinking about aliens as a threat like Spielberg?

    The clear presence of aliens along with an absence of outward expression of their intentions despite their far superior technological capabilities and the vast resource expenditures of both personnel and equipment that these beings have invested in the long journey to come to our world speaks for itself that they do not concern themselves with our survival in the current state of our relations with both ourselves and our visitors. This is telling of much about these beings in general for they put us on a lower tier. What is also clear, however, is that the aliens are secretly working with the human leaders, who are some of the most corrupt people in the universe so clearly the alien visitors who are already here chose to deal with the corrupt among the human lot. This is also telling of who we’re dealing with.

    You should seriously consider the material desires of beings who’ve spent their whole lives in space ships to come and study alien worlds. Would they seriously be here only for benevolent purposes or rather to claim the earth as their own and to engineer us into slaves with human-ET hybrids installed as our new leaders? Why do we find such large numbers of secretly present ETs around our own planet. A better question might be why did I get censored from a job in Astrobiology when I tried to discuss these data with the founding Chief of NASA Center for Life Detection Kenneth Nealson, my old boss at USC. The blindness of the human leaders is a trick because I’m sure they selected Ken Nealson as the Chief of NASA Life Detection because he would wimp out when presented with the actual data and would censor his own student before seeing the real aliens as present and step up to tell the public. The truth is that the aliens have infiltrated our system so extensively that they are causing the downfall so they can create a world filled with a failed species of potential slaves, take over that world in a manner that guarantees humans remain pacified and compliant to the ET presence, which itself considers itself superior to humans. They want us to invite them into our world and open our hearts to their leadership while they secretly intend to kill most of us and place the survivors into work communities to extract our earth resources for their interstellar commerce operation. This is the logical galactic resource ecology that we must understand and oppose the joining of with all our might if we wish to remain free as humans on a free planet.

    Our isolation is over, but our sovereignty has only begun to be understood as the real aim of the ET presence.

    The good news is that there are good ETs also in this region of the galaxy who are trying to help us liberate ourselves from the current visitors. The group known as the allies of humanity, http://www.alliesofhumanity.org, is what I’ve found to be the best source of truthful information about the alien presence and it overall structure. The allies make it clear that wishful thinking will not work as we emerge into the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. We must be skeptical of our neighbors and demand that all visitors announce themselves at the gate and make clear their intentions. We must also recognize that this is our solar system, earth is our home planet, and both are under siege from foreign powers who are intending to control these places, which is our natural born home. We are the indigenous people being studied and visited from much greater technological beings. They abduct our people and many never return home. Do you really think there’s NO INVASION? Think again.

    Orion Johnson B.S.
    Former PhD Candidate, Astrobiology, University of Southern California under NASA Life Detection Chief Scientist Kenneth Henry Nealson

  2. Вышеописанная тема серьёзная,
    Вышеописанная тема серьёзная, и требует более пристального рассмотрения. Надеюсь увидим в дальнейших статьях.

  3. Very Brave
    Orion that post is very brave. I am very impressed with your understanding of basic warfare tactics and their use to penetrate and manipulate the opponent. The real story of the history man kind is a much more sordid affair than most people could possibly understand or comprehend. And it’s probably for the best that the truth stay at least one layer deeper than the daily reality that most people exist in. I am hopeful that there are some very very smart humans working behind the scenes to develop some kind of strategy that gives us a chance against these aggressors.

    The evidence is clear. We have been visited in the past. It’s my opinion that they never left. And currently the alien agenda is unfolding before our very eyes. Some people want to close their eyes and hope it all goes away when they wake up. And that is ok. It’s the humans that are engaged that will have to make the difference. We may have started out as a slave race. Engineered to do the bidding of our masters but that was long ago. Humanity is smarter than that now.

    The Russian comment above mine states that this subject needs more study and needs to be taken seriously. I agree on the second half of that statement. We have already done all the studying we need to do to know we are under attack by unfriendly forces. I think Spielberg is using his pulpit to educate us to the real dangers of the situation and somehow prepare humanity for the struggle that lies ahead. It’s going to be up to us to take this message and use it in order to raise the awareness that we will need to face the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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