Wikipedia considering dropping Exopolitics author Alfred Lambremont Webre!

Exopolitics author Alfred Lambremont Webre

Wikipedia is considering dropping the profile of Exopolitics author and founder of Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse, because Webre’s Wikipedia entry lacks “notability”.


In a statement, Webre said, ” You can see my online biography on Wikipedia, which is now considering deleting my entry for lack on “notability”, at  

“The original entry was not prepared by me.   My view is that Wikipedia’s action continues to be part of the CIA time travel controlled US Presidency’s retaliation against me for having exposed Soetoro/Obama’s participation in a 1980-83 secret CIA jumproom project. 

Please see:

Webre continued, “If you think I do meet the Wikipedia criteria of “notability”, please feel free to intervene in the wikipedia discussion. You can go directly to this link and enter your reasons why my entry should NOT be deleted.

“Thank you! In Light, Alfred Webre ;-)”

Brief Bio of Alfred Lambremont Webre

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is a futurist and author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe (available at, a book that founded the field of Exopolitics – the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.  Exopolitics includes a case study of human contact with an advanced civilization on Mars. 

Alfred’s forthcoming book, Dimensions: The Dimensional Ecology of the Multi-verse, integrates empirical data from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations and intelligent civilizations of souls in the Inter-life and demonstrates a new hypothesis of a functioning ecology of intelligence in the dimensions in the multi-verse.  Dimensions will be published in the 2013.

Alfred is a journalist, whose articles on multiversal research and cooperation are widely read in North America. Webre is the founder of, a leading exopolitical news website, and the host of ExopoliticsTV, a public affairs channel on relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.

Alfred’s investigative journalism has been featured on TruTV, PressTV, and mainstream TV networks, and has exposed an international war crimes racketeering organization using exotic technologies such as the HAARP aerosol/chemtrails weapons system for tectonic and weather warfare, mind control and other ecocidal and depopulation programs.  Please visit

Alfred is chairman of the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS), which is spearheading the international effort to research, disclose, and educate the public about life on Mars.  He has proposed a truth- amnesty process to facilitate the release of the advanced, extraterrestrial-derived new energy technologies that can be used to create a sustainable, peaceful space age society. 

Alfred is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School in international law and was a Fulbright Scholar in international economic integration in Uruguay.  He has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas.  Alfred was general counsel to the New York City Environmental Protection Administration, a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (where he directed the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study), was a NGO delegate to the United Nations and the UNISPACE conference, and is a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

On Nov. 22, 2011, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal found former US President George W. Bush and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair guilty of crimes against peace – the most serious of war crimes – for starting an illegal and unjustified war in Iraq using fraud and duplicity. The war in resulted in over 1 million deaths of innocent civilians and the displacement of several millon more innocent civilians.

Alfred is currently developing ExoUniversity, an educational entity ( whose goal is to provide web-based interactive continuing education, research, information, and policy regarding Exopolitics, PsiSciences and ExoSciences to individuals and institutions throughout the world.

Iconic book EXOPOLITICS that founded science of relations among intelligent civilizations now available as E-book on Kindle

The iconic book Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law In the Universe by Alfred Lambremont Webre JD MEd is now available in downloadable E-book format on Kindle, accessible to readers world-wide, with special Kindle EXOPOLITICS webpages for North America, the UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

Author Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is founder and Faculty member at, offering continuing education in Exopolitics, PsiSciences, and ExoSciences.

EXOPOLITICS is a book that, in its 2000 edition, founded Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse.

EXOPOLITICS is a book that was time traveled using advanced Tesla-based quantum access technology by the U.S. Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) from the year 2005 (or later) to the year 1971 (or earlier).  The futuristic innovative policy recommendations that Alfred would write in EXOPOLITICS in 2000 about relations with extraterritorial civilizations, and in 2005 about the intelligent civilization on Mars made Alfred a “person of interest” to the CIA in 1971.  Because of the book EXOPOLITICS, Alfred has been subjected to intense political surveillance, harassment and torture by CIA and other alphabet agencies since 1971 to present. CIA has chosen to keep its relations with the Martian civilization, including U.S. President Barack H. Obama’s visits to Mars 1980-83 as part of a secret CIA Mars jump room program, a U.S. national security secret, instead of public knowledge as mandated by the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958.

EXOPOLITICS is the evolution of Alfred Lambremont Webre’s groundbreaking work as a futurist at the Stanford Research Institute, where in 1977 he directed a proposed extraterrestrial communication study project for the Carter White House. Exopolitics may turn the dominant view of our Universe upside down. It reveals that we live on an isolated planet in the midst of a populated, evolving, and highly organized inter-planetary, inter-galactic, and multi-dimensional Universe society. It explores why Earth seems to have been quarantined for eons from a more evolved Universe society. Exopolitics suggests specific steps to end our isolation, by reaching out to the technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations that are engaging our world at this unique, challenging time in human history.

2000 – 2010 The first decade of Exopolitics

In 2011, the Australian publication Veritas Magazine asked Alfred to review the first decade of Exopolitics, 2000 – 2010. We include excerpts from that interview here.




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