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Are we are very close to a disclosure about the presence of extraterrestrials among us?

Do you think an ET disclosure will be a good thing for humanity and civilization, or a disaster as Stephen Hawking considers ET disclosure? Why?

Extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional “contact” and disclosure have multiple meanings that must be distinguished from each other.

Extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional civilizations can and have “disclosed” themselves privately and publicly to individual humans and to groups of humans through face to face contacts; through individual and group abductions, through UFO overflights over individuals, groups, and cities; interdimensionally through dreams and through mind control modalities. Extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional civilizations have used all of these modalities with Earthling governmental authorities at all levels, including the national and international (United Nations) level.

At one level, we Earthling humans exist in a dimensional ecology with extraterrestrials and hyperdimensional civilizations in our universe and other universes of time, space, energy and matter in our multiverse, as well as with the intelligent civilization of Souls, Spiritual Beings and Source (God) in the Spiritual dimensions of the Omniverse (or the totality of the multiverse and the Spiritual dimensions).[1]

By the very design of the dimensional ecology, extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional civilizations, as well as the intelligent civilization of souls and Spiritual beings are in continual, functional contact with civilizations such as our Earthling human civilization on missions that involve galactic, solar system and planetary design and operations; Intelligent species development and husbandry; and Universe and galactic governance.

Our Earth dimension exists in a space-time hologram that is composed of multiple timelines. Each timeline has different characteristics and can be more catastrophic or more positive. Large-scale cataclysms predicted for our era have not occurred as predicted. For example a global coastal event that was predicted by a 1971 DARPA chronovisor time travel probe that found the U.S. Supreme Court building in  Washington, DC under 100 feet of brackish water in June 2013 did not occur.[2]

Extraterrestrial contact has been an intimate, open part of our current Homo sapiens human civilizations for the last 500,000 years.  There is evidence that a consortium or regional galactic governance council is responsible for the creation of our species homo sapiens as a 12-strand DNA Light being in the 3rd dimension. Homo sapiens were devolved into a 3-strand DNA slave race 280,000 years ago by the intervention of another predatory species – the Anunnaki – that in fact has instituted the models of all hierarchical monarchies, religions, human governance, and human duality-based monetary systems.[3]

Role of Grey extraterrestrials

One expert notes that there are approximately 150 known species of Grey extraterrestrials. One beneficial species of Grey extraterrestrials, for example, carries out specific functions in human soul development and the reincarnation function.[4]

Between 2% of US population and 14.7% of global population are being involuntarily teleported (abducted) by hyperdimensional civilizations under secret 10 renewable year treaties entered into by leading western governments. The abductions done by Orion greys are reportedly in alliance with 4th dimensional Draco reptilians that have timelined the occupation of Earth and Mars for sometime between 2000 and 2030.  One can posit the New World Order as the 3rd density roll-out of the 4th density agenda of these predatory reptilians. [5]

Even as recently as the early 20th century, There is substantial documentation of Nikola Tesla’s role as an early pioneer in re-establishing in 1901 public exopolitical communications between our Earthling human civilization and an intelligent civilization on Mars, most probably our human cousins known as homo martis terris. Public Earth-Mars exopolitical communications had most probably been severed since the solar system catastrophe of 9500 BC that greatly damaged Mars atmosphere and its surface ecology, and destroyed Earth’s great maritime civilization.

Nikola Tesla’s early work in re-establishing interactive communication with an intelligent Martian laid the foundation for the U.S. government’s secret DARPA time travel and teleportation program 1968-73 that employed Tesla-based technologies, and ironically perhaps for the secret CIA Mars “jump room” program that was initiated in the early 1980s that reportedly employed grey extraterrestrial technologies.

Given this open and dramatic history of extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional intervention in the Earths dimension, what fundamental meaning can there be in the question posed by the Conference?

Are we are very close to a disclosure about the presence of extraterrestrials among us?

Do you think an ET disclosure will be a good thing for humanity and civilization, or a disaster as Stephen Hawking considers ET disclosure? Why?

Public embargo following the 1953 Durant Report & CIA Robertson Panel

The questions posed by the conference are in some deeper sense artificial ones as they are questions created by the “artificial truth embargo” created by the 1953 Durant Report and CIA Robertson Panel that followed the world media publicity of the 1952 UFO flyover of hyperdimensional ET craft over the US capitol.

The July 1952 hyperdimensional ET self-disclosure overflight of UFOs in protected airspace over the US Capitol was photographed and published on the front pages of newspapers throughout the world under the rubric of “flying saucers” and therefore constituted mass public self-disclosure by a hyperdimensional Extraterrestrial civilization to humanity. In fact, the UFO phenomenon itself is a form of peripheral cuing that is disclosure and signaling from a more intelligent life form to another life form that there is another presence in their immediate space environment.

The CIA Robertson Panel and Durant Report in effect banned any inquiry or discussion in academia, science, media, education, or government on the subject of the Extraterrestrial presence, thus creating an artificial need for “Extraterrestrial Disclosure”.

There are multiple ways of expressing this set of circumstances.

My colleague Laura Magdalene Eisenhower expresses it as “The ET invasion has already occurred and governments to not want us to know.”

Reiterating her statement before the World Symposium in San Marino, Ms. Eisenhower stated, “There has been a massive cover up in regards to ET contact with our governments and there has been much secrecy in regards to those who have been either abducted or contacted – this is because an invasion has already taken place and they don’t want us to know this. This invasion has infiltrated every sector of our society, in disguise to most, but blatantly obvious to many. When we look at Whistleblower testimony – it is clear that some sort of deal was made with a group of ET’s and from what I have discovered, this began long before Ike [former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ms. Eisenhower’s great-grandfather] ever stepped into office.”[6]

From this perspective, starting with secret treaties in 1933 with the Roosevelt Administration and later in the 1930s with the Nazi regime, a race of manipulative Grey hyperdimensionals, acting in concert with an invasive hyperdimensional Draco reptilian race, have entered into treaties with the major governments that need to be renewed 10 every 10 years and provide for some technology transfer in return of abduction rights over humans.[7]

Extraterrestrial Disclosure has come to mean Extraterrestrial Disclosure Management, because neither the treaty governments, nor the treaty Greys nor the treaty reptilians want their presence disclosed.

At one level, secret, compartmentalized human-extraterrestrial liaison programs between the U.S. government and specific extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional civilizations have existed for decades. 

By official “disclosure” is meant an authoritative statement by a head of state in ongoing communication with an extraterrestrial or hyperdimensional civilization. 

Open contact in the public domain is defined as public, consensual diplomatic relations between an extraterrestrial or hyperdimensional civilization and a national government, international institution such as the United Nations, or citizen-based group publicly recognized by an extraterrestrial or hyperdimensional civilization.

OPTION A – Disclosure of Treaty ETs or False flag operation

There exists a report of multiple UFOs and drones overflying the waters outside a US Marine Base in California. Are these the US UFOs? Are they “Treaty ET UFOs”?

Is “disclosure” by a questionable New World Order Government [that of the USA] of the presence of a Treaty hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilization for whom the NWO terrestrial government is in fact a proxy valid discloure? Or a variation of this – which is a false flag invasion by Treaty extraterrestrials or the NWO “Breakaway civilization” space force camouflaged as an ET invasion, as NASA’s Dr. Wernher von Braun reported to Dr. Carol Rosin would be the final card of the warfare economy?

OPTION B:  End to the Hyperdimensional “war” between manipulatory ETs and Ethical Upper dimensional galactic governance alliance – If and when a hyperdimensional “war” has been won by the strategic alliance of “white hat” Earthling humans and an Ethical Upper dimensional galactic governance alliance, then the time may be ripe for official “disclosure” of the hyperdimensional Human ET galactic alliance. 

On the other hand, the U.S. government may find it be useful to enroll the human population into knowledgeable participation in the hyperdimensional “war” for the solar system.  If this were the case, then a governmental authority wishing to enroll its citizens in supporting a hyperdimensional “war” would make official “disclosure”. 

If the hyperdimensional “war” is in fact a False Flag operation of Earth’s permanent war economy whose purpose is to promote the weaponization of space, then official “disclosure” of the “war” and the “enemy” would be part of the False Flag deception to enroll the human population’s energy in space weaponization and war.

OPTION CIs “Disclosure” really a function of the ability of human DNA and consciousness to perceive multi-dimensional reality necessary for functioning at 4th dimensional densities, which is where our visiting hyperdimensional Extraterrestrial civilizations are mainly based?

Evidence from researchers with over 2000 contactees who are regularly briefed by hyperdimensional Extraterrestrials in the spacecraft confirm that a shift of human consciousness may peak in the 2017 timeframe (flexible timeline) so as to open humanity to higher dimensional perception and “ET contact and disclosure”.

Extraterrestrial researcher Mary Rodwell “shares details of a coming global shift that she has discovered in her investigations of more than 2000 cases of conscious interaction with extraterrestrials, including at the Soul level. The coming shift is described as including an awakening and transformation of human consciousness, along with dramatic changes in the way human society functions on the Earth.”[8]

OPTION D:  Life on Mars – Numerous images of abundant humanoid and animal life on the surface of Mars are now appearing in photographs taken from the surface of Mars by NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity.  Images and analysis of humanoid and animal life, structures and statues are included in “The Discovery of Life on Mars,” along with numerous other articles at www.projectmars.net.

The application of advanced photoanalytic technology to the NASA rover photographs of the surface of Mars will most probably yield even more definitive images of indigenous Martian humanoid and animal life.

Thus, a reasonable argument can be made that the U.S. government, through the release of NASA rover photographs taken from the surface of Mars and containing images of indigenous Martian humanoid and animal life, may be outsourcing official “disclosure” of intelligent humanoid extraterrestrial life on Mars to the citizen-based community.

If NASA is in fact outsourcing official “disclosure” of life on Mars and of the extraterrestrial humanoid civilization on Mars, then “disclosure” to a wide U.S. and world public will probably occur after (1) advanced photoanalytic technology can be applied to the NASA rover photographs from the surface of Mars, and (2) citizen-based groups like the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) can begin to reach a mainstream public, media and policy audience.



QUESTION 1: Disclosure may occur in any of these senses at some time during the 2014 – 2025 time horizon, or not depending mainly on the Exopolitical dynamics in the 3rd and 4th densities, and the state of transformation of human consciousness.

QUESTION 2: Disclosure in all cases will be beneficial to humanity except when it is a deceptive disclosure by a New World Order government or agency of a manipulatory Treaty hyperdimensional Extraterrestrial civilization.

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Are we are very close to a disclosure about the presence of extraterrestrials among us?/Sommes-nous très proche de la révélation concernant les extraterrestres parmi nous?

by Alfred Lambremont Webre



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