YouTube Video Links UFOs to Nazca

By Mike Orrell 

The Los Angeles Times labeled the evidence on my 12 minute YouTube video and website “UNSETTLING”.

My video features front page articles and evidence surrounding my discovery of a UFO Rosetta stone that has experts convinced that I’ve successfully linked UFOs to each other as well as ancient artifacts, crop circles and the famous Nazca Lines in Peru.

My 2006 CBS News 8  interview confirmed the authenticity of my accidental photo of ten daylight objects that contained the key in the form of a lost sacred symbol. 

The “Inaja UFO Photo” has just completed a years tour at the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s “The Science of Aliens” exhibit as evidence of real UFOs.

A full exploration of all 30+ linked pages of my non-profit research website will reveal, among other things, a famous pyramid in Mexico that is a purposely designed GIANT human head as well as mysterious markings on the moon that exactly match the same sacred symbol first discovered in the Inaja UFO Photo. 

Click on video above to watch.

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