20,000 Processors Power the Singularity

From millions of official sightings, around twenty thousand well-established reports of strange aerial phenomena still remain unidentified. What are they? Unexplained lights, triangles, discs, and cylinder shapes observed in the heavens are said to navigate with such deftness that one thing can be certain. At the very least they’re computers.

Twenty thousand parallel processors are conceivably sufficient to set off the expected technological singularity or creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. Might we afterward recognize that our smarter-than-human computer codes came from – or somehow merged with – alien technology?

Here is an aspect of the technological singularity not commonly considered. Science fiction thrillers usually depict this event as a robotic revolution directed against mankind. But the opposite could also come about. Twenty thousand processors could overwhelm all communications systems of our world governments and unerringly enforce democracy. This would certainly offend some politicians who don’t want social equality to thrive. They merely exploit it as a ballot marketing catch. But twenty thousand parallel processors of post-biological super intelligence could in due course take over the chairs of old-fashioned diplomats and politicians, thus efficiently eradicating an obsolete rank of scoundrels and spies.

In Psalms, “The Chariots of God are twenty thousand.” Observed in the heavens, those primordial vehicles provided our ancestors with a first notion of smarter-than-human technology. Could twenty thousand processors power the coming singularity? Maybe it’s not the switchover to electronic money that oligarchs really dread. Maybe it’s digital democracy.

Peter Fotis Kapnistos


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