Alien Cuticle: microbes from space

Alien Cuticle:  Salmonella-like microbes from space 

There is a Germanic belief in sympathetic magic that a man can change himself into a werewolf by donning a girdle belt.











The beast is the girdle   

This trophy from the Python won, This robe, in which the deed was done, 

A serpent girdled round he wore, The tail within the mouth, before; 

His vest, for day and night, was py’d; A bending sickle arm’d his side; 

An Allegory of Man

 by Samuel Johnson  


The Serpent Girdle of Abraxas  

·        Brax = girdle (vr_ko lykos = vampire) 

·        Torso of Athene, with Gorgoned aegis fastened round the waist 

·        Athena with serpent girdle over diploidion – early period. 

·        Ares, god of war, wears a serpent girdle. This girdle, a kind of snake made of fabric, leather or metal, is a symbol for sexual power.    

·        On the little Minoan snake-goddess two of the three snakes she wears actually form the girdle that goes round her hips.  

  L.W. Wilde


“Girdles were used for religious purposes in the Greek and Roman liturgy, and Anastasius mentions in the 9th cent. muranula, or jeweled girdles in the shape of lampreys or eels.”

 The girdle of Finnen or St. John by an Irish monk may be a Celtic version of the Abraxas serpent girdle:

 ‘The girdle of the serpent is my girdle, the serpent is about me that men may not wound me, that women may not destroy me.’

 Encyclopedia of Religion, Part 11 By James Hastings   


Seaweed, mustard, and burnt almond  

Salmonella-like microbes from space. Alien cuticle. The beast is the girdle, set into the wireframe shape of a human torso. Worn by Cartaphilus and worshiped by your children, with embraces and kisses, to bond their hearts to the religion of clinical vampire sex magic. The alien abduction? 

















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