A Crop Circle in Las Perdices, Argentina

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Source: Diario de Córdoba & Planeta UFO

A 25 meter circumference that appeared in a sorghum field in Las Perdices gave rise of all manner of conjectures among residents of the southern reaches of the province, going as far as to suggest the possibility that an unidentified flying object could have landed on the spot.

According to the local daily newspaper “Puntal”, the circle was noticed during the early hours of Monday morning. “It’s something curious, odd. You can see that something landed on the site, leaving a perfect circumference,” explained Enzo Diaz, a local resident.

The field is located on a rural property some thousand meters to the east of the locality, owned by a farmer surnamed Tossi.

Doubts and the lack of a convincing explanation about the circle’s appearance, which was photographed by locals, created a sea of uncertainty, and the notion of the UFO still hovers in people’s minds.

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NOTE: Photos of the crop circle are the property of PUNTAL.com.ar and are visible at http://www.diaadia.com.ar/cordoba/sospechan-que-ovni-aterrizo-perdices

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO, Diario de Córdoba, Diario Puntal)

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