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I’ve been on a similar quest for over 12 years, and while I don’t think anyone has a complete picture or understanding of what or who the “Greys” really are; but least I can share some of the information that I have been able to discover so far.

Your physical description is right on, from my perspective their evolution seems to have favored mental over physical, which helps to explain their brainer abilities to overpower humans mentally at will. The Preying Mantis Being also seems to be able to disguise and shape shift their true physical image as well.

You’re right the heads of the Greys are depicted as being somewhat human-like, although much larger when compared to the body and usually lacking hair or having only thin fuzz. Under the head, the neck is thin and lacks an Adam’s apple or any obvious musculature. External ears, if present at all, are greatly reduced. The mouth is usually narrow and lipless. The eyes are generally larger than those of a human and often almond or tear-drop shaped. They are also typically all black, lacking obvious irises and sclerae, lids, brows and lashes. From the research that I’ve done their physical size varies from the basic size of the normal worker type (small 3½ to 4 foot grey aliens) to a taller 6 foot (higher stature and dominance role).  My source of information is from a life-long experiencer couple (Wilson) and his wife was told by a hybrid Being in 2009 that they referred to them as the “light whites.”

In one case the name “Emergents” was used. This came from a highly unusual source. In Budd Hopkins book ‘Missing Time’, a case that involved a four year old child of a family that was experiencing direct contact on a regular basis; the young boy during a case study told Budd Hopkins that his little Grey “friends” told him that they were Emergents.

This kind of language at the young tender age of four years old is exceptionally unusual. It’s just not the kind of vocabulary that any kid is going to use. The meaning of this word refers to rising from a liquid or other surrounding medium, coming into existence and arising from the water. This gives us more insights about their species origins, and physical characteristics such as no hair and webbed hands. I would assume that this would suggest a salt water environment.

In regards to their age and the subject of their having teeth, Timothy Good in his book Above Top Secret/1988 (pages 408-411) had some very interesting information on this topic provided by Dr. Berthold Schwarz. In his book UFO Dynamics/1983, Schwarz had spoken to a former military officer who said he visited a underground facility with another military intelligence officer in the early 1980’s where he observed five humanoid figures, that he described as being very, very white. There is no specific information that this species was Grey.

But in an e-mail his wife says that she and other abductees have seen Beings that were extremely white skin (while alive) so this skin tone feature is not too unusual.

The secret base was located in Arizona, he told Timothy Good that he doubted that he could ever find the place again, all that he could remember was that there was a highway above ground, and after a turn at the entrance, they went underground.

Whether or not this is a factor related to age is unknown. The Effects of Formalin and Alcohol preservation can also induce tissue changes, as the water in their tissue is replaced by the preservatives, becoming fixed in the solution. Two of the five were identified as female, and the autopsy estimated the age of one of the females at 200 years old. Per Mrs. Wilson their long life span is something she’s been told about by several other abductees, but she has no knowledge about their actual life span. Schwarz said his friend told him that they were vegetarians and that their teeth were smooth, flat and very small. The number of teeth is unknown. She has heard and has been told and shown several times that they are vegetarians as well.

Re: Are these beings actual little people? I don’t think so. They seem to me to be more of an android built to withstand the rigors of travel over great distances.

You said that you were studying the Roswell crash and your analysis of the autopsy points to a real dead alien and not an android. This is more about the lack of information on our part and the need to know. 

Autopsy findings:

There are more mentions of three dead greys having been autopsied than government denials of any such procedures. If indeed, the government recovered bodies they would certainly have been examined. The reports I have seen indicate some very strange things:

1. Fewer number of internal organs than humans,

2. Medical doctors had trouble identifying the purpose of the organs they did find, and

3. A lack of hemoglobin (the red stuff that caries oxygen in our bodies.)

Re:  The distances and time to travel may well be outside the grasp of biologic beings. Also the rigors of interstellar radiation may be more than a biologic could endure.

Problem: Too many humanoid contact cases with a wide variety of Alien Being’s have been reported.

Where do they come from?

That is definitely a question for another discussion.

The star map that Betty Hill drew is fairly accurate as drawn and we Earthlings here on Earth are in orbit around the lower of the two large nickel sized stars in her star map. The star map that she was shown answered two fundamental which is where they come from and the position of our Sun;  the heavy dark lines in her 3D star map show the dimension of depth.  The truth is that Zeta Reticuli has nothing to do with the star map that she drew, and the base-star concept that Marjorie Fish promoted is a misconceived theory.

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