We currently have at least three indications that 2016, and the years immediately following, have the potential to bring another chance for open Contact between extraterrestrials and humanity. If world governments don’t repeat the insane mistakes they made during the 1940’s and 1950’s – a big if – and we can get a grip on our rapidly declining geopolitical situation, the door may open again for humanity to meet at least some of the Visitors we know are out there.

Space Weather and ET Visitation

Recently, TOR posted links to information regarding 1991 VG, including Clifford Stone’s comments. According to Stone, the “asteroid” NASA has classified as 1991 VG behaves unlike any other known asteroid ever discovered:

“1991 VG will make its next closest approach to earth toward the end of 2016. At present there are three theories as to what 1991 VG could be:
1. A very unusual asteroid (the first of its kind to ever be observed),
2. An overlooked or forgotten rocket booster from an early space launch,
3. An extraterrestrial probe from another solar system that entered our solar system around 1947. 
The first two theories are considered very unlikely, leaving only the third theory (extraterrestrial probe) being a strong possibility.
In 2016 the scientific community will be watching closely as 1991 VG once again makes a close approach to earth for an answer as to what 1991 VG really is.”
Secondly, TOR Agents are keeping a close watch on the information coming from biotransmissions via meditation from specific channelers and their information points toward 2016 as being the year for first Open Contact.
For example, according to Tom T. Moore, author of First Contact, the process of Contact will begin in 2015 and will likely be complete in 2025. The process will be “slow and gentle” so as not to frighten Earth’s population as well as to give our governments the time they need to finally acknowledge that most governing bodies have been aware of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet for decades and have hid this knowledge from their populations.
Our third and most recent indication comes from researcher Steve Pearse who, after studying over 100 cases of Contact and UFO waves, has discovered a correlation between sunspot activity and extraterrestrial visitation. According to Pearse’s findings,
“…it’s the lack of sunspot activity that ultimately opens the door to extraterrestrial visitation….the results clearly proved that over 90 percent of the well known documented case histories occurred during the Solar Minimum years, and the UFO waves recorded were directly linked to this window of calmer Sunspot activity. I did a second batch of new cases to see if they would match the same results as the first test group, and they ended up having an even higher percentile correlation. This updated report [Space Weather and ET Visitation] combines them together.”
Guess what year the next Solar Minimum phase begins? According to Steve Pearse,
“The next UFO wave has left already and is scheduled to arrive in 2016-2020 as our Sunspot activity drops down to acceptable levels to permit visitation to Earth.”
We encourage you to read Space Weather and ET Visitation because it not only proves that a correlation between solar activity and ET visitation exists, but also because of the excellent Contact cases outlined in Pearse’s report about which everyone should be aware. Continue by reading Space Weather and ET Visitation to Earth.

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