Charles Moulton


Charles E.J. Moulton is the son of opera singer, vocal teacher and director Gun Kronzell and actor, singer, author Herbert Moulton. Making his professional debut at age 11, he went on to perform in 100 productions. He has sung rock 'n roll in front of an audience of 3500 people, Koukol in DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES in front of a million people, Scar in THE LION KING, Swing in front of an audience of 8000 people. Charles' parents were renaissance people and they passed on this knowledge to their son. Since 2005, Charles has been performing in Gelsenkichen, Germany, where he has sung roles such as Zuniga in Bizet's Carmen, Masetto in Mozart's Don Giovanni, Farfarello in Prokofieff's The Love of the three Oranges and Sam in Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti. Charles is the author of many articles spread out through the net and publications throughout the world. He has also worked as a straight actor in films such as Liszt's Rhapsody and Johann Strauss - King without Crown as well as worked as a tourguide, teacher and a translator. THE CHARLES MOULTON BAND, The JR SWING CONNECTION and MOTHER'S DARLING are three that he works with. He is also part of the project THE THREE BARITONES that hold concerts in Germany and plan to conquer Europe.

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