Swedish UFO-Case, 1983-84

First sighting
DATE: September 23rd 1983
TIME: 8 p.m.
LOCATION: Partille, Sweden, Domestic country house, rural area, close to a forest,
UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT: 7 feet long, 4 feet wide, 3 feet high, 2 feet long wings with blinking red and green lights on each side, shaped like a car, semi-triangular, flat bottom, 6 spotlights on back, descendingly round toward front
SPEED: Slow driving or fast walking speed, silent gliding
CASE DESCRIPTION: Boy 1 and Boy 2, both 14 year old school friends, play in Boy 1’s garden at home. Boy 1 looks up and points at a flying object and wonders what it is. Boy 2 sees it, but first thinks nothing of it. Boy 1 convinces Boy 2 to run up to the balcony of Boy 1’s upper floor room in order to look at it closer. As it disappears into a local forest, the boys run up, grabbing pocket camera (Boy 1) and binoculars (Boy 2). Once on the balcony, the object discribed reappears from the forest and silently glides over the roof of Boy 1’s house and disappears into the night. The boy’s spend the evening searching the sky for other ships.
Second Sighting
DATE: February 14th, 1984
TIME: 7:50 p.m., during the evening news
LOCATION: HSB-Rental Building Complex, close to Härlanda Tjärn, District of Kålltorp, Gothenburg, Sweden, between two apartment buildings in a semi-densely poulated area
UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT: An exact replica of first sighting
SPEED: Slow driving or fast walking speed, silent gliding
CASE DESCRIPTION: Boy 1 has now moved into an rental apartment with his mother. Boy 2 is visiting him, talking and playing in his room. Without warning, an exact replica of the silent object that appeared in Partille appears flying over a tree right opposite Boy 1’s room. The boys watch it disappear and spend the next half hour walking the lawn outside trying to find signs of the object.
Official Report
EVIDENCE: Photos taken by Boy 1, who discarded them with the claim that they were unclear and non-usable.
REPORTED TO: The Gothenburg UFO Society, who reported it to the Air Force, the Air Ports and the Military. No results or results. No similar sightings found, then or now or in the modern web.
Inofficial Report
PRE-SIGHTING HISTORY: Boy 1 and Boy 2 are both outsiders in school. They become friends, although they are completely different. Their mutual interest, funnily enough, prepares them for the sighting: UFOs and Astronomy are among the primary subjects of conversation. They look at books on the subject and study aliens that might be piloting the spaceships witnessed. Boy 1, three months prior to the sighting, tells Boy 2 that, quote: “Anyone can be manipulated!” Later on, this confuses Boy 2.
POST-SIGHTING HISTORY: Boy 2’s parents are aware of the sighting. 8 years later, after the friendship is broken off, they also become aware of its psychological damage. Boy 1’s parents remain completely unaware throughout, most probably to this date. After the second sighting, inspired by the fact that two exactly similar objects appeared to them in two different locations, they begin a game that confuses their definition of reality. Boy 2 claims, on a whim, that he is receiving telepathic messages. This prompts Boy 1 to hear them as well. The two boys start conjuring up a tale, where an alien boss reveals himself as the driver of the object. The image of this boss is taken from a book. The UFO is called OBJECT NUMBER ONE. The boss is called THE GOOD HEAVYWEIGHT and the evolving story of this adventure is the SERIAL. The infamous group THE MEN IN BLACK are included (long before the movies came out) and from now on Boy 1 controls the entire process. As Boy 2 moves abroad, Boy 1 claims that he will receive invisible guards with him to the new country. Boy 1 becomes a fanatic, living to spread the doctrine of the alien boss. Under normal circumstances, he would never consider this a truth. However, the fact that a similar UFO has appeared to them in two location manipulates him to believe that this is true. Boy 1’s words of manipulation confuse him, but how could Boy 1 have simulated an alien encounter? Boy 1 introduces Boy 2 to the concept of OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and claims that the boss wants them to carry a triangel with them at all times. The Earth will be invaded in 1997 and humanity will die, but they can save their parents and choose their own home. The Men in Black are following them at all times, there is a brain-war between the good and the bad HEAVYWEIGHTS with Boy 1 and Boy 2 as victims. Worst of all, Boy 1 includes his own atheistic views into his indoctrination. Apparently prompted by the alien boss, Boy 1, on his own accord, collects information about all the children who own bicycle helmets in the area. The alien boss has told them that invisible cameras have been planted into these helmets and that the boys should categorize them. During the summer of 1989, Boy 1 is still carrying a booklet with him where he categorizes the helmets. Some months later, he sends Boy 2 an 18-page long letter where he denies everything. This throws Boy 2 into a crisis and he throws away the letter. He tries to defend himself against Boy 1’s manipulation, who only hangs up the phone and denies Boy 2 to defend himself. Boy 1 claims that the object they saw was a plane. Boy 2 ends the frienship, gets a high school and a psychology diploma, continues his education as an actor and a singer, build up a career of 100 stage productions, works as an author, a teacher, a singer, actor and a voice-over-speaker.
The truth about the sightings and the manipulation of his friend’s strange alien doctrine remain a mystery.
Scattered people know about the incidents, but to date Boy 1’s ruthless psychological manipulation remains anonymous and unjustified. 

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