Deborah West


Deborah West’s background is in corporate public relations where she wrote articles on NASA’s Mars Rover and Hubble Space Telescope, BAE Unmanned Systems and Integrative health care and sustainable energy. She is currently doing investigative journalism reporting on a wide variety of topics including our cosmic culture, the multi dimensional universe, lost knowledge within our ancient civilizations and disclosure. She is working on her first book with co-host Michael Hathaway entitled Idiots Guide to Disclosure, focused on the real origin of mankind, the reality of the existence of alien life and the shift in humanity’s consciousness. Her favorite article was published in the Nov 2012 issue of Austin All Natural about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the erroneous compiling of historical religious text. She loves working with Earth Representatives from Star Nations like Sirius and Pleadies. Her column Lost Knowledge can be found at The New Era Times and articles are also posted on sites including CNN iReport, Waking Times, Exo News, Altheadlines, Alternate Perceptions, Ashtar Commard, NESERA, Enki Speaks and SERI Worldwide.

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