Roland Michel Tremblay


French-Canadian born in 1972 in Québec city now living in London UK since 1995

In the past few years I have been leading two professional lives in parallel. The first one is in the world of Conferences in Telecoms and IT where I have been writing and managing major European events. My second life is the one of an author and technical adviser writing novels, essays, documentaries, film and television scripts.

Masters Degree in French Literature from the University of London (Birkbeck College)

I have studied for one year at la Sorbonne in Paris and I have finished a BA Language and Philosophy at the University of Ottawa in Canada. I also have a college diploma in Sciences from the College of Jonquière in Québec.

Author of many books, six are published in French in Paris by iDLivre and TG publishers

The books are: Eclecticism (Philosophical Essay), Waiting for Paris (Novel), Denfert-Rochereau (Novel) and The Marginal (Poetry). They are distributed in France, apparently they are the most popular of the publishing company and are also distributed in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Africa and Middle-East. My fifth book Un Québécois à Paris (A French-Canadian in Paris, Journal-Essay) has recently been published in France and initial feedback is very encouraging.

Science Consultant/Technical Adviser/Writer for films and TV

More information about this in my bio-biblio and my CV.

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