Brazil: The Forgotten Cases

Within the scenario of UFOlogy, few countries had achieved so many and different types of cases involving aliens such as Brazil. Many of these cases are known worldwide as the case Villas-Boas, Trindade Island and Barra da Tijuca. However, there are many others who never have a prominent international stage like those, but they are equally or more impressive than the famous ones. In this article I will report some of these cases, so-called “the forgotten cases”.

Maurico Bessa Ramos

The Case of Maurício Bessa Ramos is one of first cases involving alien contact in Brazil. It occurred on January 12th, 1953, around 13 o’clock of an overcast day, nearby a farm called Guarará in Santana dos Montes, Minas Gerais state.

Maurício, after his honey-moon, stayed at the Guaraná farm. That day he had gone to the village for shopping and in the way back, he took a shortcut close to a cowshed and a bamboo and eucalyptus trees, when he saw something lighting that left him surprised.

Due to the terrain, he lost sight of the object. Half an hour later, at a distance of 6 meters, he saw it for the second time. It was a “vehicle” smaller than a Volkswagen, metallic color, shinny, 1,30 meters above the ground and it had a flat bottom but was oval on top. He kept watching it. The object was now up to 2 meters from his vehicle when, after waiting for two minutes, suddenly appeared a vain square, and a tilting movement, a door went up. Two characters jumped to the ground.

The two humanoids had a robotic movement, but did some fast gestures. One of them took some clay from the ground and put in a kind of basket.

They had lead-colored clothes, which shone as a metal, and had a glowing ball on his feet, above the shoe (which seemed to have a square shape). The men were 1,30 to 1,40 meters in height and in the chest a bright square symbol with 3×5 cm approximately.

Mauricio, through the door, saw another crew member, but he was still, seeming to look outside. Their clothing was made in one piece only, with hands and fingers also covered by the cloth. Even the neck and the head were covered by the same material. The only opening was a hole in the middle of the face, but he didn’t saw his eyes. The head seemed flatter compared to ours. The movements of the men were faster than ours, especially one who received the clay.

Due a strange headache so strong that he barely could open his eyes, he saw just the disc took a downward swing, but the door did not touch the ground. Then he saw the aliens jump inside it.

When the headache suddenly stopped the disk wasn’t there anymore. He went home quite naturally, feeling nothing else the next day.

In the next day, Maurício returned to the place. He found a hole in the ground which had a depth of 5cm with a circular aperture of 3cm. However he didn’t see the footprints of men on dry clay.

Maurício possibility went inside the UFO, because the memories that he had sometime later. In theses memories re remembered of having no conversation with the beings, but one made gestures with the head to another for maybe three times. Maurício recalled also that he made no question to them, but found that they invited him to enter the UFO, but he was afraid, not knowing what to answer.

Other very important case occurred in Brazil is the Sagrada Família (Holy Family Case)

During the UFO wave in the year of 1965, a surprising news was published by the  newspaper “The Diary”, from Belo Horizonte state. The report said three children had observed in 1963, a strange flying object with several crews in the backyard of their home!

The event took place on August 28th, 1963, at 19hs in the Sagrada Família district eighbor. Fernando Gualberto, 12 years-old, Ronaldo Gualberto and José Marcos Gomes Vidal, 7 years-old each, just after dinner, went out to the backyard with the specific purpose of washing a coffee filter in a tank located near their house. Upon reaching the yard, through a back door, Fernando noticed that he was very illuminated, but he didn’t care because there was moonlight. José Marcos went quickly to the water tank (an old drum of gasoline), lowering his head and arms to collect the liquid in a bowl. Ronaldo, who was just behind and over the right of the house, who was first surprised by the origin of the blaze that lit up the yard, whose the lamp was off: a spherical object illuminated inside and transparent walls, floated motionless over an avocado tree located in the front of his residence, 5 meters of the ground and 8 meters distant from the viewers. Its diameter was compared with the main room of your house (between 3 and 3.5 meters). The sphere was divided into “little boxes”, probably a gridded structure.

At the top of it had a sort of antenna consisting of two rods bent surmounted by balls, and a central vertical shaft. Through the transparent walls, they could see four people sitting on stools in one leg. The were in profile to the observers.

One of the being, sitting in the back seat, had male aspect and was more robust than the others. Just ahead of it, in the center of the ball, sat what seems to be a woman because hers long blond hair pulled back. In the front seat was a man similar to the first, but thinner, which appeared to control instruments in a panel with a kind of a TV screen. The fourth “man” who would soon come down, sat on the left side of the “girl” in the center of the object.

All wore a kind of diving suit and had their heads wrapped in domes or helmets rounds and transparent. They had almost the same appearance, including theist clothes: their chest something brown, below the waist garments were white, until they the knees, in the feet they had black boots. The uniforms seemed to be made of leather and were very wrinkled in parts corresponding to the chest and members of the crew.

Within seconds was projected from the bottom of the device, toward the ground, two light beams, parallel and yellowish. Between these two beams down one of the “men”, as if floating in the upright position until it touches the ground softly. As soon as the ground, the man walked to the side of the observers.

Fernando and Ronaldo were almost glued to the house and completely stunned, and didn’t warned José Marcos, that with bowed head completely inside the barrel of water, didn’t notice anything.

With a heavy walk, rhythmic, swinging his arms a little away from the body, and apparently without noticing the presence of Fernando and Ronaldo, the man went to the side of the tank, where stopped. Then, he extended an arm toward José Marcos. Interpreting the man’s gesture as a threat to his fellow distracted, Fernando José Marcos jumped over José Marcos, throwing him violently to the ground, to avoid being grabbed. With José Marcos still surprised, on the ground, the man, motionless, looked at Fernando and then to Ronaldo.

Ronaldo had walked to the bottom of the backyard, in order to escape into the house, but in the scramble to escape, his knee hit the corner of the house and the pain stopped him.

At this moment the man stared at his eyes. Ronaldo then came back a few steps and let himself passively beside the house, next to his companions, who also were powerless to escape or shout. The man made a series of hand gestures in the horizontal direction, accompanying them with nods and strange words.

Fernando said that his fear passed after this gesture. Much more clam and about 3 meters away of the being, the boys might look better to the strange visitor. He has one eye only. It was quite layers (as two of his companions) and his skin had a strong red color. His huge figure was compared to the size of the side door of the house, over 2 meters. Over his transparent helmet was a kind of ring-shaped antenna with a small ball drop. The eye was large, rounded, dark, not the white part that is called sclera.

Instead of a circular pupil, José Marcos insists that the central part of the eye had only a horizontal darker. Above the eye, moving frequently, had a prominent dark spot that boys interpreted as eyebrow. The clothes, described above, covered the entire body and seemed slightly inflated.

The man sat on the edge of the tank, standing in profile to the boys, and in front of the UFO, where were his companions. The height of your head long surpassed the height of the handle of the tank. Taking advantage of his apparent distraction, Fernando moved a few steps in order to get behind the man. Quickly picked up a piece of brick on the ground and raised his arm to throw it at the man in the back. “I wanted to hit it”, said Fernando. Inexplicably, as if he had guessed, the man jumped to his feet, turning to Fernando in a fast movement and ejecting from a rectangular area located in the thoracic region, a stream of yellow light that was reaching the boy’s hand, making it shake briefly.

The brick crashed to the ground and the boys realized that the man, looking quickly toward the UFO, received a gesture from the man that commanded the instruments panel inside craft, which they interpreted as a deterrent. At this time the boys also noticed more clearly that this being had one eye only as well. In the brief moments when the man gave her back to them, they were able to note the existence of a box of copper color, attached to the clothing.

In a strange language, with a very “thick” voice very “thick” and many hand gestures, head and eye, the man seemed to try hard to be understood by the children, who looked on passively. Closing a circle with your thumb and forefinger, the man drew several circles in the air around it, with the indicator on the other hand and always keeping talking. Then he pointed out to the three boys and, with some difficulty, tried to join the palms beside his own head, as a gesture of sleeping. He then pointed to the moon, making a gesture of progressive elevation of the hands, as if to indicate a flight in that direction.

Then the man turned and walked slowly toward the object. Seeing him walking away, José Marcos asked, eagerly, to Fernando: “Is he coming back?”. Surprisingly, the man turned his head and made several vertical movements, such as responding affirmatively to the question of José Marcos.

In the midway he bent his body in the direction of a stone cutter and removed a plant there, with his left hand. When he reached the point where he had “landed”, made a discreet gesture, and the two beams of light connected the UFO to the ground. Climbing between the two tracks smoothly and upright posture, the man was still seen sitting next to his companions. Immediately after it, the UFO emitted a strong brightness and flow flew silently in an oblique direction, heading east, going off and leaving immediately to be perceived by the children still astonished.

As soon as they felt free, the boys ran into the house, calling Mrs. Maria José, Fernando and Ronaldo’s mother. She, which was with his youngest kid in the front room, didn’t notice any change in the environment, during the 15 minutes of the event, but a bright and strong glow coming through the window of the room. She wondered the glow because she knew that there is no possibility of a car headlight reaches the windows of her house. But she gave no importance to the fact, until the noisy entrance of the boys in the house, shouting: “mom, come to see what horrible thing.

Adding to the excitement, the pallor of her children impressed Mrs. Maria. The fact that José Marcos run and ride under the bed amazed her.

At the time of the incident, Mr. Alcides Gualberto, children’s father, was in a neighborhood bar, chatting with some friends. At the behest of Mrs. Jose Maria, a girl called him. Running home immediately, Mr. Alcides was surprised by the boys’ story and was exam the backyard. He noted on the ground several small marks, triangle-shaped, in the path that the man had done, according to the children. The depressions were quite deep, about 1,5cm, indicating they were made by something very heavy.

That same night, Mr. Alcides returned to the presence of friends to tell them the strange story. But the reaction of these, like the whole neighborhood was in utter disbelief. A neighbor, named Jamil, came to see the marks on the ground, on the night of the event. The Mrs. Maria Jose concern increased when she realized that the boys refused to go play at the backyard. When someone doubt of their story, the kids said:  “They do not want to believe? One day they will see what we saw and they will know that we were not lying”.

The next case shows a rare report where two types of aliens beings are observed together. On February 25th, 1966, two sisters, Maria Marluce and Maria Marilucy, 20 and 17 years respectively, in the company of her friend Ofélia Versoa, were going to the home of the two sisters, which was near of the water plant called Água Branca (White Water) in the city of Quipapá, Pernambuco state. But instead of taking the highway, they preferred to walk by the rails of the railway.

They walked carefree and happy when by 22:00 they saw a bright object about 100 meters away on a side road to the railroad. They initially thought it was a jeep stopped. They approached some 50 meters and then realized that the light came from a strange object, shaped like upturned plate, about 4 meters in diameter.

This object was suspended in the air, about 30 centimeters of the ground. Beside, on the grass was a man, with a roughly 2 meters tall. Beside him were other smaller beings, with approximately 1.50 meters tall, gesticulating and moving his head as if in animated conversation, although no sound was heard.

The beings wore a one piece costume, as an overall. From shoulder to shoulder, at chest height, had a luminous band with colors ranging from yellow, green and blue. The blue looked like a light arc color. On his head was a kind of bright cap, whose brightness was similar to the chest band.

In panic, Ofélia and Marilucy running back, while Marluce remained to have a better look.

The object and the beings were in a place where the three had to pass. So Marluce encouraged her friends to pass all together. At this time a jeep came down in the road and the girls took the opportunity to cross. Crossed with the car and from there they don’t saw the object.

Later they noticed that the object had hidden in a depression in the ground a little closer to the railway line at another location where they would have to pass. With no sign of the crew they ran past the side of the object. Running they arrived home scared and tired.

Mrs. Joana da Silva, mother of the sisters, the story and decided to go with the girls to the place of observation.

When they were near the farm’s gate, the object was there flying at low altitude. Screaming of scar they run back home. Only Marluce remained observing the object until it disappears from sight. Marluce spent the rest of the night with nervous breakdown, crying and with a headache that just disappeared the next day.

Almost all the contacts between humans and aliens are harmless. Some have some type of fight or leave an injury in the human or in the alien. But a few, just a few, have the consequence of the Crixás Case has: death!

On August 13th, 1967, around 16h00, Inácio de Souza, 41 years-old back that time, and his Maria de Souza 67, returned home, the Santa Maria farm, located between the cities of Pilar de Goiás and Crixás in the Goiás state.

Getting home, the couple realized there was a strange object on the airstrip at his property. This object was shaped like a bowl turned upside down, with an estimated size of 35 meters in diameter. Close this unit had three men, who wore a costume piece, skin color.

“Mary and I went back to Crixás and beings were there. I thought they were people who came to visit us, but I was a little afraid of the kind of plane they had. They were people looked like us, except they were bald. They were playing, and they played as children, but in silence. When they saw us, they pointed the finger to us and started running towards us. I yelled to my wife to run to the house. Since I had a shotgun, I shot the one that was closer. At this time, left from the plane, like a flashlight, a green light that hit me in the chest on the left side. I fell to the ground. My wife ran toward me, taking the gun, but the men were back on the plane that took off in a vertical flight at high speed, and making a noise similar to bees.”

The case of Crixás was told to UFOlogists by the owner of the farm, Mr. A.S.M. (he asked to remain anonymous) who was not present when the event occurred. He arrived on the scene three days after the event, finding Inácio already sick. He told to the UFOlogists: “I arrived at the farm three days after the event and I knew nothing. Descending from my plane, the wife of Inácio, was waiting for me and said he was sick. As he was a strong man who never fallen sick, I went to his house and saw him lying, I told him emphatically, ‘What happened to you, boy? “. Then he replied: “Sir, I killed a man!” I was surprised and I asked him: “But how could you do this?” Then Inácio, reported to me in details what had happened, explaining that he was out , and had become frightened of these men thinking that they would kidnap the family.”

On the first and second day, Inácio suffered from nausea, tingling and numbness of the whole body and his hands trembled. He went to Goiania, Goiás’ Capital to make an examination. There the doctor (without knowing what really happened) noted that there was a burning ring of 15 cm in diameter on the left side of his chest, closer to the shoulder. As for other symptoms, he diagnosed as being originated from a weed, he surmised that Inácio has eaten.

But, Mr. A.S.M decided to tell the doctor what had happened. Surprised, he asked Inácio: “Has anyone else seen these men?” Inácio said, “my wife”. Then the doctor became worried and asked to Ignatius to do examination of feces, urine and blood.

Four days after being placed under observation, Inácio was sent home. Surprised not to have kept him in the clinic, Mr. A.S.M. went to see the doctor that told the case of Inácio was fatal, the tests showed he was suffering from leukemia, blood cancer and he had just 60 days of life.

In the days that followed there was a steady deterioration in the health status of Inácio. He had in his whole body, skin patches of yellowish white color, the size of a fingernail, while he felt excruciating pain. When he died on October 11th,1967, he was too skinny. Even in the midst of such agony, Inácio recommended that his wife burned the mattress, the bed and his belongings after his death.

The case of Crixás reveals the danger that lurks behind an immediate contact. Ignatius possibly already suffered from leukemia before his contact. With exposure to energy emitted by the object, the process was accelerated, resulting in his death 60 days later. It is not just a beam emitted by the object that may harm the health of the witness. Approach of these devices when landed or even walk and stay for long time closer to it or in its landings is also harmful to health. Equally dangerous is to take an aggressive approach to the phenomenon. Apparently, the crews of UFOs, whoever they are, adopt a posture of non-aggression, but may react aggressively if necessary.

Brazil is a country with a great UFO activity. In no other country there is such a wide range of contacts, ranging from simple sightings, landings, abductions, uptake by radars. The cases showed in this article are just a little part of what we have. They are amazing cases, not much known, but very important to the development of the Brazilian UFOlogy. We keep doing our research about the phenomena and seeking for answers.


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