UFOlogy in Braslia

Brasilia is the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil and its fourth bigger city. Its population was esteem in 2.606.885 of inhabitants. Inaugurated in April 21st, 1960, by the president Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, Brasilia is the third capital of Brazil, after Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

The transference of the main agencies of the federal administration for the new capital was gradual, with the change of the headquarters of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.

Brasília has a singular architecture, with soft and lines straight. It is the biggest “design classroom” in the world. In every place you see a work of art.

The mystic vocation of Brasilia initiates when the italian saint, Dom Bosco had a dream vision. He dreamed about a land for a civilization of the future that would be born between the parallels 15° and 20°, at the edge of a lake. True or not, Brasília was born exactly in this location.

One of the first reports came from the 18 century, when the Cruls mission, leaded by the Belgian Louis Ferdinand Cruls, was exploring the Brazil’s central region, where later would be constructed Brasilia.

He wrote in his diary: “today we saw the sun, but wasn’t the sun we know. It was a huge sun, much bigger than what we see every day. This ball of light followed us for more than 5 hours, until disappeared”

On march 3rd 1892, he wrote a strange encounter again. “Today we passed the parallel 23 and to our surprise the ball of fire was in the top of a waterfall. Some of the man begun to pray, saying that we have been cursed. They are very scared”.

Since the beginning of the construction of the new capital, there were rumors about metallic, circular and bright objects in the sky. Some say that even the president Kubitschek had saw a UFO.

In 1959, the priest Raimundo Teixeira, former director of the Dom Bosco School took some of the most famous UFO photos in Brasilia. The object was photographed over the Núcleo Bandeirante district, in Brasilia, around ten o’clock in the morning.

The pictures show that the UFO seems to reflect the light of the sun. The object looks like a hat, a panama hat.

In 1976, the priest declared that his interest about the UFOs begun in 1959. He was the director of the Dom Bosco School. “One day I was ridding my bicycle when I saw a lot of people looking to the sky. I stopped and saw a bright object”. He thought that it was a balloon of the Brazilian Air Force to research, but the movement of the artifact was so intense that he changed his mind.

“It was from another world. I never got interested about the flying saucers stories”, he claimed. That day one of his students had a camera. He loaned it and took six photos. Through the photos the object was much clearer. The UFO stayed in the sky between 20 and 30 minutes. It has more than 15 meters of width and 5 meters of height. According to the priest, that same day the pilot of the president Kubitschek also saw it. Raimundo thought it was so important that gave all the photos to the Navy Secret Service. Years later he found the negatives in a drawer, but he put it away.

In 1960, another UFO appeared in the city of Candangolândia, near Núcleo Bandeirante District. This time the object was photographed by a Federal Police photographer named Aclayr S. Pascoal. The photo was taken through a cracked window and it shows a very bright object with a dome in the top.

Itiquira case_the place and the drawing of the UFO

February 1977 was a Saturday, Carnival day and Moab Olmena Farias and his wife Ailza Helena Farias, both 28 years-old, their daughter Glauci Suse, 8 years-old, and Moacir Farias, decided to run away of the parties to a quiet place. They choose the Itiquira Waterfall, in the city of Formosa, Goiás estate.

They arrived and the night was so clear and full of stars that Moab wanted to show the sky to his wife. So he turned on and off the lights of his car. Suddenly they were surprised by a bigger “star” that crossed the sky. The “star” was getting closer and closer. The object had the shape of a hat, with several lights under it. “The light was so strong that we were blinded by it. We had to protect our eyes”, said Moab.

They got in panic. His wife told him to run to home, but the car was between two precipices with the object in front of them. Ailza was crying, praying horrified with all event. And then, as a miracle, the object flew away. Moab started the car e left the place. But the relieve was temporary. Five minutes later, there was the UFO again 20 meters altitude over the road. This time they could se the object clearly. “It was like a mushroom, with the top spinning, with red lights in the edge of it and white flashes coming from the body”, said Ailza. He size was 10 meters diameter and 3 meters tall. After another 5 minutes the object accelerated to the space.

As the result of the event, Ailza had no menstruation for ten months and started to dream with beings GRAYS type. Gláuci had swell in his legs. Moab had the same thing. The car had the lights burned and battery of the radio melted.

In December 16th 1972, the newspaper Jornal da Cidade published that a UFO was seen by the pilot and several passengers in the flight from São Paulo to Brasilia. The flight, VASP 232, was 30 minutes to land in Brasilia when the object was spotted. The airplane was 20.00 feet high and the UFO 14.000.

According with the report, the pilot, captain Aguiar, begun to follow the object and asked for a camera of one of the passengers. He took some photos of the unknown object.

Mr. Alberto Engel, that travelled in company of Mr. Landmarks Zeitune, gave to the captain Aguiar a camera Ektakrome (slide) 35 mm. Then the Commander came back toward the cabin and started to take some pictures of the object not identified. The UFO followed the airplane for many minutes, in the front and then in the back of the plane. The most party of the passengers saw the object  until its disappearance. 

When the captain Aguiar returned the câmera, he told to Mr. Engel that the film would be given to the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) to study. When the airplane landed the passengers only could leave the airplane after militaries took the film. The film never was published.

In December 11th 1991, occurred the amazing case called “Caso Papuda” (Papuda is the state penitentiary located near Brasilia). The case was investigate by the UFO Studies Group – GEU, a branch of the University of Brasília and our group, Brazilian Entity of Extraterrestrial Studies – EBE-ET, by Roberto Affonso Beck, president of the group. This is the first case in Brazil where a federal university made a social and scientific study about a UFO report.

Between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. a bright and oval object with blue and red lights hovered the penitentiary disappearing into a fog. The UFO was seen by 20 policemen and by residents in the Lago Norte quarter.

The first to see the object was the lieutenant Damasceno, of the Military Police Independent Company.

The official called his colleagues, but they make fun of him. After insist, they decided do get out and check. The lieutenant reported that the “visit” had a blue color when was in a vertical position and get a red color when it was in the horizontal. Damasceno also said that its speed was very fast and it was 500m altitude. 

The maneuvers were in straight lines to go up or go down and it didn’t leave any kind of smoke or trail, always changing its color.

Suddenly, several cars arrived in the Papuda area. People of all ages stood amazed looking to the sky and the object, and when a fog, coming from nowhere, started to involve the UFO, it disappeared.

But the military policemen and the civilians were not the only ones to see the object. The UFO was detected by the radar of the CINDACTA (Integrated center of Aerial Defense and Control of Air traffic), agency of FAB.

The lieutenant Damasceno called to the sergeant Petrônio, air traffic controller, which said that they were following the unidentified flying object. The sergeant told him that in the radar screen the UFO had a rectangular shape and its speed was 700km/h. The sergeant confirmed also that a pilot, in the rout Brasilia-São Luís, reported a bright blue light.

When we heard that the CINDACTA had confirmed the sighting, we got distrustful and waited a second confirmation. Well, we know how its works. Two days later the FAB informed that the object was a meteorological balloon (the balloon’s story again!). We were for a week Papuda interviewing the policemen. They laughed about the balloon explanation. The FAB never talked about the case.

The Paranoá region, area where is located the Papuda Penitentiary, was the place of another intriguing sighting. This time the event was witnessed by three entrepreneurs, Hildo de Oliveira, Agamenon Nascimento and Antonio Rodrigo Cassimiro, beyond 20 militaries policemen of the Military Police Platoon in Brasília.

Returning from Palmas, capital of the estate of Tocantis, on August 21st 1996, Agamenon was driving his car when saw something in the sky. He called Hildo and Cassimiro to watch a light in front of the car, moving from side to other. According to Hildo, about 200m ahead, the UFO hovered over the road and projected a milky light beam to the ground. This blinded the three men.

Paranoa Case_the object.

Immediately he pulled over the car, avoiding passing under that light. For five minutes they looked scared to that. When the object started to move they continue their journey always looking for somebody to that maybe had seen the same.

Two blocks ahead, followed by the object, they stopped in a Military Policemen trailer. They were received by two sleepy policemen that saw the light but didn’t care and steeped back to the trailer.

Moving on, when they were near the Paranoá Dam, the light stopped 30 meters over the water and only 100 meters of their car. “The water moved as a boat was crossing, but there was no sound or even a boat!” said Hildo.

Finding no other witness they had the idea to call “190” (emergency call in Brazil). In 10 minutes a police car and an ambulance arrived. Then four more police vehicles.

In the first car was the military policeman José Gaudino that said to the three men that had filmed the object. At this time, Hildo remembered that his son, Marcelo de Oliveira, a professional photographer, was closed to that place. Marcelo arrived in 20 minutes and using his Nikon FX 60, lens 70/210 mm, took 36 photos.

We had access to the Gaudino’s film. It is one of the clearest UFO image ever. In one moment, when an airplane approaches, his navigation lights disappeared when it pass over the UFO. This means that the UFO is huge and solid. We clearly see the UFO moving. He UFO was seen until 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

We went to the Military Police Department where we had the opportunity to interview all militaries witnesses. Nothing was covered or hidden by the Military Police of Brasilia. They could speak freely, without repression.

This episode was so intense to all, that Hildo, 67 years-old, had nervous system problems for days.

On June 15th 1997, around 10:00 o’clock in the morning, a gold spherical probe, about 30cm diameter, appeared to Omerinda Passos Ribeiro, 10 years-old, while she was washing pans and plates in a river, located 100 meters from her house.

According to Omerinda, a ball of light started to make moves around her. The child, a humble and simple girl, who never heard about the UFO phenomena, screamed in desperation. His brother Floriano, 14 year-old, came quickly. When he saw her sister to faint he cried out to his father, Diógenes Ribeiro, 82 years-old. He took her to a local hospital. After some clinical exams, she was set free to go home.

the BAND TV case_the probe

In 2001, our group was contacted by the Band, a television channel. According to them, on the evening of December 23rd, a TV crew was returning from Goiânia, Goiás’s state capital, when they spotted something in the air. In the car were three people: the reporter Fábio Panuzzi, the cameraman Izac Gazineu and the assistant Eliésio.

Around 20:45 p.m., when they passed the city of Samambaia, they were surprised by a white ball of light, which crossed the sky over the car and stopped in the other side of the road. They parked the car in a bus stop and immediately Izac started to film. It was a cloudy day and there was a little wind. They estimate the size of the object as volleyball, yellow colored. It made straight movements in 90º angles, going up and down. Couple minutes later, the UFO moved to behind a cell phone tower, far 200 meters of them. Meanwhile, Fábio called to the CINDACTA and reported what they were seeing. Moreover, two airplanes passed closer to the object, in their landing procedures.  After 35 minutes, the object disappeared and the TV crew begun to look for more witnesses.

They found a motodriver that had pulled over next to him to see the object. Two other boys were interviewed. They told that like to fly pipes, but in that weather condition were impossible.

The tape was analyzed by the specialist Dr. Geraldo Santos. According to him, the object couldn’t be a pipe with a lantern hanged. The pipe couldn’t do such movements.

We contacted the CINDACTA, but they reply our request saying that nothing uncommon was detected that day.

In February 12th 2003, two different work colleagues came to me saying that unidentified flying objects were seen in two cities of Brasilia: Samambaia and Guará I. So I took the addresses of some alleged witnesses and in the next day I drove to there to collect more information.

The first person that I met was João Pinto Alencar, 74 years-old. He lived in Samambaia for 6 years. He was a very humble person almost too ingenuous and very religious person. He was very skeptic about UFOs…until that event. 

The sighting occurred on February 4th around 10:45 p.m. He was smoking out side of his house looking the sky when he noticed a star much bigger then the others moving. The “star” made zigzag movements. His house is located in a isolated place, surrounded by the cerrado ( cerrado is a vast tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil, particularly in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais). As he walked so have a better look, the “star” got closer. When he was 200 meters far from his house the light accelerated and stopped 60 metros away from him. João was frozen by the fear.

The object was circular and emitted an orange-yellow light, mainly from its center, that looks solid. In the center the light seemed to spin. “That thing was huge! More than 40 meters diameter. The size of a big truck!”, he said.

He started to run and looking behind saw the object much closer. He got in panic and got on his knees. “I started do pray. I was sure that thing would eat me! I felt the heat of that thing”.

Mr. João closed his eyes and stood quiet. Some time later he opened his eyes. Everything was calm. The thing had gone. He went home and told to his wife the whole story. Vilma told me that his husband always go outside to smoke and it take 20 minutes and that he never talked about flying saucers.

I went to the spot of the sighting. It is a very isolated place with no artificial illumination. I couldn’t find any traces of the object. This season of the year rain a lot and the traces might be washed out. I left my phone number, but they moved to another state and we lost contact.

The other event took place in the City of Guará I. The witness was Carlos Eduardo Montillo, 44 years-old. He is married with Jurema Lins, 41, and father of João Carlos, 7, Matilde, 4 and Jairo, 3.

Carlos reported told me that was February 8th, around 01:00 a.m. when he waked up to drink water. As always, he went to the kennel to see if the pet has water and food. When he lowered to see the dog a bright light appeared in front of him. He tried to look at that, but the brightness was very intense. After some seconds he could get up and saw an oval object with 3 meters diameter about 25 meters from him. It has a white color, like made of porcelain. “he UFO was almost landed. I could see the Grass moving with the wind under it. The sound was a ‘hummmm”, he said.

At this time Jurema was in the window, “white like a ghost” shouting to him do get out of there. “I saw my wife and she was petrified”, said Carlos.

Carlos walked slowly, keeping his eyes on that thing. When he got the kitchen’s door stumbled in a bar of iron. He got up, closed the door and went to the window. For more than 5 minutes his wife and he looked the UFO hover their backyard. Then the object raised and went off.

I asked to draw what they saw, separately. Then I went to the backyard and got some samples of the terrain where the UFO hovered. An interesting fact is that the dog never barked when the UFO was there. He remained sleeping.

I took the samples to a friend of mine. He works in the laboratory of analysis at the Brasilia University. One week later he called me that the composition of the samples were normal.  Even so, I believe that the event is genuine. They saw something weird that night.

These cases give us a small idea about the UFO phenomenon in Brasília.  Since the past, before the construction of the Brazil’s Capital, we have been visited by strange lights, beings and objects. The EBE-ET keep doing a serious work always looking for an explanation to those who search for us to have an answer.

Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, 35 years-old was born in Rio de Janeiro.Brazil. He lived in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte state), Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul state) and Rio de Janeiro, before moved to Brasília in 1995. Graduated in Business Administration, he became interested in UFOs in 1982, when saw a strange light over the Gávea Stone, in Rio de Janeiro and, encouraged by his father, Luiz Mauro Ticchetti (in memoriam), lieutenant-colonel of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). Since 1997 he is member of the Brazilian Entity of Extraterrestrial Studies – EBE-ET (www.ebeet.com.br) and since 2001 writer and columnist of the column “Mundo Ufologógico” of the Revista UFO (www.ufo.com.br). He wrote more than 15 articles to the Revista UFO, interviewed more than 10 international UFO researches and wrote a book called “Quedas de UFOs” (UFO Crashes on Earth).


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