Breaking News The National Security Agency Has Opened It’s UFO Files To The Public

Breaking News: The NSA Has Released UFO Files, Following The FBI’s Lead.

An exciting time is occurring currently, a mini disclosure movement of sorts has been happening right under neath the virtual radar. The FBI recently revamped their UFO files in a section now known as the Vault. In this are documents that have been available to the public for some time now, what else was in there was a new sense of hope and optimism for UFO believers in general. Lets continue a second entity has also entered the playing field in opening the door for full disclosure of all UFO files, documents, shared technologies, crashes, abductions cases, and so on. It is the NSA . Or the Nation Security Agency. A secret branch of the U.S. Government many people distrust already, how ever this sudden open access to a multitude of documents may swing many people over to the other side here is the actual link for these documents

There are some pretty incredible files there, from communicating with aliens to reports of sightings . This no doubt will continue to have a trickle down effect of independent government institutes providing mini disclosures of information to a possible global initiative to reveal all files to the public once and for all. 

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