City Beneath The Sea

When I was a young girl a friend of my father’s told me of an experiance he had during the time he was a pilot during the last war.

My father’s friend told me that he had been flying over the sea off the coast of Ireland and that the sea that day was extremely calm he could clearly see down into the beautiful greeny/blue depths.

He said he flew for about twenty minutes and was about to turn around and return to his base,when he noticed something odd below him hiding beneath the waves on the floor of the ocean.

To his amazement, there was what appeared to be the remains of a lost City beneath the waves below him.

As he flew along he could see more remains which appeared to be buildings,stone stairs,walls and pillars etc which were covered with seaweed.

My Father thought that the area must have been six to seven miles in total length although he said it was hard to be exact as to the size of the lost city as he flew into mist just before he returned to his base.

I asked how far off the coast of Ireland did he remember it to be of course this was many years later but he said as far as he could recall it was about five to ten miles off shore.

It sounded as if that in it’s full glory it would have been quite some city I wonder, was it Atlantis…..


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