The Sussex UFO Scene

I live in Sussex in England and through the course of my life I have noticed through the years, in particular the last couple of years,that there has been an increase in the volume of unidentified objects sighted in the heavens.

There has been many sightings of Chinese lanterns which wend their glowing path across the night skies on a regular basis,but there have also been a lot of larger and far more remarkable light visitors floating across the sky.

Large red triangles shapes, orange balls of light and many other strangers have paid a brief visit to our shores.

UFO Digest file photo

There has also been reports many odd noises of recent months too, from a high pitched tone to a low a pulsing hum both have been heard by many people.

When I was a young girl I lived at the World famous beauty spot Cuckmere Haven in Sussex with my parents.

My Father was an Auxiliary Coastguard, as well as the regular saving of lives in his job there was also a high percentage of investigation work regarding the reports of Unknown Flying Objects.

I remember going with him when he went out check out the reports he received I saw some very strange things in the twelve years that I lived there including a remarkable sighting by myself and my Father right above the cottage we lived in.

I recall thinking had these visitors been here before?

If so,what was their fascination with in the wilderness at Cuckmere Haven?

Had they returned to us after visiting us in the distant past?

Time travellers or perhaps the area had been their own ancestors stamping ground in centuries past?

Nobody knows for sure just what is happening, but I believe they have been around for some considerable time far longer than previously believed,the question is what is it that they want from us and our planet?

I like to think that it will be something that will be good for us all.


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