December 22, 2012….DECEPTION, DELUSION or a PSYOPS TOOL?

Extremely weird but psychologically fascinating message about December 22, 2012 by Japan’s self-proclaimed visionary, Kaoru Nakamaru (who claims to be Emperor Meiji’s granddaughter):

Click here or on photo above to watch video.

What fascinates me most is her inference that the origins of UFOs may not be from another planet in the universe but from this earth, i.e., somewhere on or in earth.

Coincidentally on this line of thought, I have always been skeptical of UFOs as physical extraterrestrial spacecraft coming all the way from somewhere in outer space and defying all laws of physics as we know it.

I have always wondered if it is more plausible to think that their origins (if indeed they do exist physically or otherwise) could be from this earth, i.e., somewhere on earth or even somewhere in the interior of the earth… ridiculous as it may sound.

We will just have to wait and see if this is all New Age MUMBO JUMBO or not.
Or, perhaps, could this be some type of a Psychological Operations tool that may be utilized by any number of global institutions that may have hidden agendas for 2012?

Naturally, if nothing happens on December 22, 2012, this posting will be eliminated!


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