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I was a former director of the CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE NETWORK.

A few years ago, I retired from my position as its director.

Now a defunct group, the CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE NETWORK was, at one time, a loosely-knit network of investigative researchers and intelligence gatherers whose primary focus for the past two decades was on the government’s operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada, commonly known as Area 51.

CIN was initially established in 1988 as a civilian watchdog group, or oversight “committee” on the government’s various Black Projects programs.

The past decade, however, has seen the growth of other larger, well-organized and funded citizens’ groups such as the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) whose activities have had major impact on government accountability on relevant issues such as environmental issues. Thus, the role of smaller groups such as CIN was minimalized.

I had the privilege of seeing with my own eyes this amazing research, development and test base several times from both the White Sides and the Freedom Ridge during the early 90s when those nearby hills were not closed off to the public.

Aside from this, I have my own personal beliefs on other matters also…one of my main beliefs is that there are no such things as “coincidences” in our lives. There is much, much more to this world than what we can only see with our eyes. UFOs are definitely under this topic. Indeed this world is filled with mysteries.

In 2008 I retired and moved from Torrance, California to Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

I believe that New Mexico holds the key to a future gradual shift in human consciousness.


I enjoy communicating with people mainly through Facebook.


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