Disclosure (all levels) and Appearance of Fly-Overs

Disclosure is said to be near…with Fly-Overs becoming a pre-cursor for First Contact

On NASA website, by Apollo 16 (April 19, 2004) was captured but denied by NASA. You decide!

The time of the “Long Dark Sleep” is ending. Hopefully for all.

The movie “2012” is being played over and over on cable and just recently its now being run in consecutive several nights on FX (sometimes twice continuously)…the irony (or agenda) is not being lost by many. Of all the movies that instill fear, worry and uneasiness, that is one of the few films with the most graphic details of global-wide apocalyptic/disaster ending in December 2012 ever! Although, many scenes in this movie are true some are the result of ‘spin’ of the facts as I believe it. Or a great doom-and-gloom fantasy!

Just do yourself (and your loved ones) a favor – please- ‘wake up’ and pay attention! 2012 is also noted (per numerology) to be the Year of Revelations or Truths! Read ‘between the lines’. Use discernment.

One message that should be heard by every person who places their focus and attention on the fear-mongering…

“Our observations are that you are doing so well in bringing Light to the Earth, that it is continuing to increase exponentially and rapidly taking you forward to Ascension. So you are on course for a great victory over the dark Ones and there was never any doubt about it, and you have the strong will and intent to do so. After all, as Lightworkers it was the reason you came to Earth at such an important time, knowing fully well what your task was and faith in your ability to carry it out. As you can see, there are two main schools of thought that people follow, one supposes that life will carry on as usual and somehow get past the present problems, and the other sees immense change and the restoration of people’s rights. Both will to a large extent continue to follow their own path, and it will determine which one that they step upon when this cycle ends. The fact remains that you are all creating your own reality, using your freewill as a God given right to determine your own future.” (channeling from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey…1-23-12)

I’m strongly motivated to proclaim to everyone – I don’t buy the mass media fear-mongering 2012 end crap!

What belief system (or faith) can a person have that enables them to love the movie, watch it over and over and even buy the movie with a smile with no fear, anxiety or panic?

One who knows that the end of ‘2012’ is not the ‘end’ of life or of living! Far from it! (And I’m not alone!) One who can watch this movie, repeatedly, as a dispassionate observer & critic (rather then a fear-laden, teeth-gnashing victim of ‘Media Control’ dished out in heavy offerings), can do so because they have done their research, followed events and studied social indications. trusted with inner (and outer) spiritual beliefs! One who feels they must ‘speak their truth’ who also lives it!

I just watched “Megaquake 10.0”, a covert fear laden ‘subversive’ piece of work (additional channels such as History, National Geographic, Discovery, etc are targeting similar) on anything from ancient prophecies (Nostradamus, Biblical, certain scientists, etc) conspiracies, comets to sunflares to supervolcanic to the New World Order (and all that entails) all concentrated on the END OF this AGE, to all life either doomed to genocide or enslaved. Or all.

But there are certain things supporters/believers of conspiracies theories are over looking.

Most have not done all the research of looking into the present data and information about these ancient seers, prophecies or conspiracies of NWO at this time. If they had they would have become of several surprised hard facts:

  1. The time line of NWO has passed (successful NWO ‘calling card’ is mass death, internment/martial law and genocide) which was slated to start awhile ago. Why not?
  2. The attempts at seeding mass diseases (air-borne, death dumps or chemtrails, lacing of food products, etc) numerous attempts have failed to create mass death or pandemics; never past those killed during, say, a heavy ‘flu’ season and was ever close to pandemic levels (over decades many ‘diseases’ some directed at ethnic or racial groups totally failed their plans. Why not?
  3. The massive humankind die-off via comet, meteoric, etc. crashing into the earth as mentioned in biblical mention of ‘Wormwood’, among others has past. Why hasn’t they?
  4. The economic failure and protests by the ‘99%’ US and worldwide. Why?
  5. No explosion of more nuclear bombs have happened since Hiroshima/Nagasaki in 1945. Even though the world has tottered on the edge of the Cold War, World Wars or terroristic nuclear bombing dozens of times nothing such happened. Why not?
  6. Time is speeding up, increase in UFOs, crop formations and more . Why?

Some may feel that we still have time before December 21, 2012 for any of this to happen. Perhaps but critical ‘crunch’ time has gone and must indicate (the aforementioned attacks/deaths, etc) as foundations before it actually can have any attempt at succeeding as the numbers of human beings are just too great, waking up and en masse. In less then a year? They are still trying…I see chemtrails still but they are ‘nullified’ by our GF friends. Otherwise massive deaths and horrible diseases would be everywhere. Some videos have caught these you can find if you look.

But, its likely that some major earth changes must happen. If  Humans are present when these changes occur then scenes of the movie ‘2012’ (and others) will be a somber and final fact but since those have failed (perhaps forestalled the worst) should be indicative to what I belief and Know – and any person with the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ to find the truth will find the same. Every human has a choice – believe what you want but know it can have a finality – but, with Grace, all Being are Loved and will eventually go Home.

Many feel that this might be the event (via one implied on the TV series “The Event” or “ The Rapture” ) a much theorized/proselyte where the ‘righteous’ and ‘saved’ would either ‘BECOME’ and/or ‘spirited away to a better world . It is necessary as Mother Earth (Gaia) must ascend to a higher level (as humans) and will do so whether humans (on top or within Her) are ready or not. Focus your thoughts, energies and visions on the world you (and your loved ones) WANT to Experience and Enjoy and not the other way around.

Shared with me, many others indicate that those disasters, nuclear catastrophe, disease genocide and NWO are being blocked.  Nuclear plants have experienced some leaks and melt-downs nearly a year ago in Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant after the earthquake and its accompanying tsunami. Why isn’t people dying from radiation from the rest of the world?

Because more and more videos, reports and witnesses from the public, the media and the military itself are producing hard evidence that interruptions and interventions are saving untold number of thousands if not millions of lives!

Recall the conference (private) conference before the National Press Club back in September 2010? Where several retired-military officers came out to proclaim they witnessed the nuclear missiles installations controls were deactivated by the UFO’s hovering at the time. Not just here but the UK as well.

Or the video by Japan media of UFOs seen to ‘dip’ low over the waters of the tsunami rescuing (I believe) those on their way to the open sea and to certain death.

If you still hold on to the Fear that these disasters and apocalyptic events will still happen, hunkering near your bunkers then please be careful of what you place your focus upon. Your Power of Thought (unimaginably strong) can create realities enough to materialize the very things you fear! Of course, it is always a good idea to have extra food, water and medicine but bunkers or some such? 

Of all the times being here on Earth this if the most IMPORTANT for ALL people to have HOPE and envision that a beautiful world where our Freedoms are re-instated and free clean energy and technology will be open to all! A veritable Heaven on Earth! And the actions around us indicate its on its way!

The evidence is in front of you if you just open your eyes and your mind and look at what is really around you…witnesses are posting the pictures and according to several channeled messages more of these ‘fly-overs’ will occur both as an ‘introduction’ to human everywhere  and to also a ‘show’ that they are not here to bring anything but peace and serenity thru out.

And, to those with open-minds and a curious to search it on their own they will be pleasantly surprised about Changes that are according.

One may come to understand that even the ‘fear-control agents’ are becoming aware that things are not going according to their agenda! And with the destruction of the ‘underground bunkers’* (the power elite were setting up to ‘survive and watch’ the genocide and catastrophic happen all safe and warm) have been forced to come up to the ‘Light of Day’ and face to the crimes against humanity. Not to mention their funds and ‘global and ET allies’ are disappearing.

David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford have covered in detail much about the destruction of the underground bases which you can find more on YouTube (enter ‘under ground bases, destroyed’). However, some aspects are not accurate such as claiming nuclear power was used or that thousands of humans were killed– not accurate, a ‘spin’ of the actual facts although the identification of those who ransacked and got rid of the bases (DUMPs’) is still unknown but there are those that, based on the immense power, quick overwhelming attack and the surreptious location of these deep underground bunkers had to be the result of ‘other-worldly beings. All completely disappeared from the face of the Earth (uh, underground).

If you have enough motivation and an open mind/heart to pursue your own ‘truth’ then the best time is right now! No more time ‘riding the fence’ either. Don’t just believe what anyone tells you – find out your own truth! Do your own efforts and work might be worth more then you can imagine!

The only power that can stay any of these are from Divine. Call them angels or ET’s there are pictures, videos of these being protecting human kind by higher technology of their own.

Channels and messages from these sources all tend to be in one voice; 2012 is a year of change for the better for humankind as well as the Earth and not a ‘doom-and-gloom’ dogmatic message for us all. Humans have a future to much higher callings and thus the ‘awakening’ of people to what has been going on and to us for centuries is bringing people to their feet.

No one can not have heard of the global protests and riots against dictator and military rulers are found the people are no longer going to sit around and let them continue.


As you can see, there are two main schools of thought that people follow, one supposes that life will carry on as usual and somehow get past the present problems, and the other sees immense change and the restoration of people’s rights. Both will to a large extent continue to follow their own path, and it will determine which one that they step upon when this cycle ends. The fact remains that you are all creating your own reality, using your freewill as a God given right to determine your own future.

Naturally in short time there will come an avalanche of information and advice about Ascension, and for those who are open to the truth it will give the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward. It is a matter of whether people are ready to see beyond their existing beliefs, and become part of the new paradigm. If not there is no problem and they will be able to stay on their own path and continue to experience in the lower dimensions. It cannot be fairer than that by allowing you your choice, and all will be treated as any other soul with loving care and given every help possible. No one is beyond help and it is always there ready to be given at the slightest indication that it is requested.


Netherlands Crop Formation ‘The “Human” Butterfly?

Introducing Ben Arion

There are many sources of channeled material that supports this writers faith and beliefs that the most beautiful event will arrive on or towards the end of 2012 and one of the most noted and detailed is Ben Arion.

The following are quotes from his site of one such channeling with timely information with full permission to share others with links included with totality;

The media only shows us a fraction of the truth of what is happening on Earth. One who seeks answers will have to find them on their own. The truth is that changes are bigger and stronger than anyone can imagine. Our planet is about to break out of its old shell and rise up to a higher frequency and that concerns everyone that lives on her.

You will work together with the Federation Teams here on Earth, in all sorts of areas, depending on your passions. Some examples could be:

New architecture that benefits nature and humanity.

Opening a healing or meditation center.

Supporting the animals.

 Supporting people that need shelter and food through the various “Federation Technologies” that will be available to all.

Cleaning Planet Earth’s seas, oceans and skies from pollution.

Again, this information is said to be very near by Ben Arion– a fascinating message!

“You will also be able to travel around the world effortlessly, in shuttle crafts, the sense of Freedom will be enormous, and it will take a while to Adapt. There will also be centers, like “ambassador” centers, where people can “interact” with beings from various worlds like Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades and many others. There will be a lot of Education going on, through various methods, such as “holographic light technology”. So you will learn what is happening and Why. No one will be left behind and all will get their answers.

More info from this Ben Arion’s source:

From my point of view, this is how we will be introduced to the Galactic Federation.

·       Changes in Economic Systems, a temporary transition system, because we wont need money. It’s more beneficial to share and exchange services with each other in pure love and harmony.

·       Media will slowly announce their presence in stages. This has been done already, one example is “The disclosure project with Steven Greer”, and many others. Millions of people have been working on bringing forth the “Energy of first Contact”, you are one of them. It will just be more “Headline News” than before, instead of covering it up.

·       Massive “Flyovers” by the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Fleets all over the world, that no one can Dismiss. People will be able to Film and photograph these sightings of crafts with great detail, and be able to share it on the Internet, where it will spread like wildfire.

Through Diversity We Find Unity

The Cosmic Civilizations are a “higher version” or expression of ours in tune with the Divine Energies. Cosmic people have unique energy signatures just as we do, a so called personality, which emanates through their heart. It will feel effortless to communicate and be with our fellow brothers and sisters, and there will be a lot of laughing and a lot of curiosity.

They have nothing to hide, they simply emanate their Unique Aura and personality for everyone to see and feel. They are masters at being themselves.

It is also Expanding for them to meet us. We are a reflection of them, and They are a reflection of us. Meeting a being from another world, could be like meeting a stranger on a street you’ve talked to for a short moment, but didn’t know.

We chose to “incarnate” into this density and “limited” reality to Change it from within, and many of the Federation and Ashtar Command have always “had an Loving Eye on us”. They highly respect us for our choice to come here and Support Earth and humanity in this transition. So we are them!

We could not Force these changes from the outside, we invited the Higher energies, due to our Intent, by being here on Earth incarnated and grounding the Cosmic Energies, that is why the Federation can come into this World, because we have “integrated” Light-Awareness into this Reality. If no “volunteers” would have come here to raise the consciousness, this type of “Contact” would not be possible.

We came to earth and choose to forget everything and slowly we started to remember who we were in this process. We slowly raised the collective consciousness to a higher Awareness. So this has been a “long term” partnership, we invited the Federation to come here. It is not an accident.

So people who see “First Contact” as interfering, have forgotten that people from many Star Systems, Universes and Dimensions have been here for Thousands of years working towards this event.

We will actually take the wisdom of being on Earth with us forever, and Share that with other civilizations. We will also support other Newly awakened civilizations in the Universe with their Ascension, just as the Galactic Federation has done with us, and will do unto others. It is natural to support each other through all levels of creation.

We will actually Have a Huge diversity on Earth in this shift, because beings from many systems, will be a part of first contact. We will be presented to those who are most “human like” at first, and then the Cat-like beings, the lion beings, and so on, and what we call reptilians, because all are not dwelling in darkness. We can’t judge anyone by their appearance, it’s the heart that matters.

We will Find Unity Through Diversity in this contact. Being One isn’t about being the Same. It’s about sharing and honoring the “uniqueness within everyone” as they are. There are a lot of planetary “Ceremonies” in different civilizations, that is a part of their so called “culture”. We will also build out own WAY OF LIVING here on Earth. The Galactic Federation is here for support, not to Take over our “Duties”.

Enjoy the simple things in life, that you may not experience again, because, soon things will not be the same any more. Our reality will change. I have only touched the “surface” of what will come and be possible, but this gives you a certain idea of the energies we will be introduced to.

You may wonder when Contact will happen?

This is not a “waiting game”. Do we choose to wait or do we choose to BE WHAT WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE, right here and right now? There is nothing to wait for. We are in the midst of it.

“Official Contact” is not just ONE event, it’s an “unfolding” sequence. It is happening right now, it will step up and be more and more obvious. It’s about being confident and knowing that what we seek is within our Hearts.” (Channeled by Ben Arion)

We, as Human Beings, must wake up to the Truth of our Beauty, Power and Potential! Believe me, the Power Elite has known for a very, very long time. 
 “Man Was Never Meant to Live Like This”…a direct quote from a spiritual channeling.

Channeling Via Montague Keen

“As your oppressors seek new ways to keep you under control, remember this: the simple-minded will believe anything placed before them but the wise look well into everything before accepting it. As people awaken, fewer can be conned into accepting without question all that governments demand. A beautiful New Dawn is approaching, bringing with it truth and light, removing all the confusion of the past. Our plans are taking shape as we proceed with confidence towards our goal. All that you had accepted as truth must be discarded. When the real truth is placed before you, it will be a time of rejoicing and celebrating, as all restrictions are removed and the human race comes together as One. The energy that has been shut off from you will flow freely. Everything on Earth will be re-energised. The sun in all its glory will enter the minds and spirits of all and peace will reign. You have waited a long time for this. It has taken longer than anticipated but we are on the cusp of this massive Transition.” (a channeling exerpt from Montague Keen)

Channeling Via Sheldan Nidle

“Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We return, dear Souls, with news of what our various associates are accomplishing worldwide. The preliminary requirements for funding the St. Germaine global Trust are completed! We expect this disbursement momentarily. We have also asked if the steps to legally remove several governments are finished, and the reply was in the affirmative. As a result we are liaising with the Agarthans and the Galactic Federation to firm up a date for disclosure. The galactics, as per previous agreements, have positioned a number of ships to back up the governmental transitions, and the accompanying arrest procedures are being reviewed by the law enforcement agencies in these governments. The time has come for the long-anticipated first domino. Let this sacred moment deliver all that we have been patiently working toward.” (This is a Channeling from Sheldan Nidle (dated Jan 3, 2012)

Channeling via Mike Quinsey

Already you approach the end of the month, and many of you will realize that time is still speeding up. It is a strange experience for you, and means it will feel as if there is insufficient time to get all of your work done. There will also be odd symptoms to deal with that arise from your bodily changes, including emotional ups and downs. They should however be short lived particularly for those of you who are already aware of what to expect. Tiredness will probably catch up with many of you, and adequate rest is very important if you are to function normally. You may also have noticed how your taste in various things has also changed, and if you ponder the reason you may well find that you are attracted to food, music, literature and so forth that satisfies your higher vibrations. When they were lower it did not matter, but you are now seeking all that is more refined and pure.  (Channeling via Mike Quinsey…1-20-12)

Channeling Via Matthew

4. Therefore, neither the masses nor the analysts have the proper knowledge to assess what is to come, much less the scope and speed of changes, as this unprecedented era in the universe continues to unfold. They don’t know what you know: At the end of this magical year 2012, Earth will be at the threshold of fourth density, where nothing with the low vibrations of darkness can enter.

8. It is Earth’s destiny to leave third density when a universal cycle opens an astral window at the end of this year, and by then no one with a dark mind and heart will be left on the planet. That may seem unduly harsh, as if some arbitrary judgment process simply will eliminate them, and that is not so. There are persons who have amassed fortunes dishonestly, achieved power ruthlessly, and consistently have refused the light constantly available to them, and both their souls and their bodies will “pay the price,” you could say. (Excerpt from Matthew…1-4-12)

Still another source is giving their information free to all along with a free download of another version of “No 2012 Fear! Paradise is Near!”

“As we begin 2012, I am enthused about how our individual and collective consciousness and actions impact those around us. It takes courage to face the future with certainty, especially as we move into this year – a year that many cultures have deemed the end of existence – we are challenged to ask big questions.

But according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this time is one that contains a large window for ushering in a new world – the world of paradise.

Studying Kabbalah is one of the most powerful tools available today for creating this transformation. It won’t be easy, but we have to do the work and see it through; ultimately when we create personal change, we change the world.

That’s why I’m sending you a free book, 2012 and Beyond. The pdf format that’s attached readily allows you to share it with people in your life.

Thanks for all you’ve given me this year. Together let’s bring in 2012 with a positive consciousness where spirituality is the strategic advantage.”

May God Bless us All!

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