Human-Alien Hybridization Black Ops Project

A Cooperative Alien-Hybrid Program?

Over the years our media has literally exploded with stories, films and TV shows about super heroes such as Superman, Superwoman, Wonder Woman mostly based on the Marvel Comics of old over 60 years ago. More recently with the addition of super villain/heroes based fare like; X-Men, Heroes and No Ordinary Family, among others, seem to be gaining in popularity. Is this an unconscious indication that we are headed for something above and beyond the ordinary?

Suicidal Blondes or Something Else?

I present to you two sisters (twins) who were wildly videotaped and posted all over the net and even 60 Minutes (among other TV stations) did a documentary on them! This is not recent however and the twins have reportedly relocated to the US but this cannot be confirmed.

Headlines went something like this: “Two Swedish twins survive massive injuries then get up and run as if it never happened!”

They were identified as Sabina and Ursula Eriksen who suddenly appear on an UK motorway running thru heavy traffic like most people would jog thru a city park! Generally, anyone that watches these two are totally blown away by their antics as well as wondering what were they really looking at??!

And the general consensus is that they were crazy and tried to commit a double suicide!

Except for one thing most are ignoring – these women both were struck by separate vehicles (after separately running directly unto a busy freeway) and were confirmed with life threatening injuries! Yet both fight off any offer of medical attention, the police and get up and run! One paramedic clearly saw one with a bone sticking up out of her leg! How can anyone sustain such an injury and minutes later vault across a freeway like two teenagers with no problems whatsoever! And then shown playing ‘duck and dive’ from the police and having the strength of ten men! Its almost as if they were just released into the general public and had no clue how to act! Yet they cursed the authorities like sailors and exhibited NO FEAR WHATSOEVER! !

My opinion? I believe they were either the subject of research and experimentation building toward transhumanism or they were alien hybrids – the result of alien and human DNA combining! Links below.

Women Who Have the Hard Evidence

Another intriguing story is that of Giovanna Podda, who claims she was being abducted by aliens since the age of four and has had many pregnancies. Below is a link to view an ultrasound of one of her pregnancies. Jaime Mausson produced and the video has English subtitles but be warned – is very graphic.

There is a woman named Milagros Garcia claims to be an Alien Hybrid or inter-species hybrid. Don’t believe it? Scientific tests indicate she might be telling the truth. Her DNA from her blood has yielded such bizarre results that the physicians and scientists involved are now interested in meeting this Puerto Rican for further scientific research. She tells the story of an off world encounter between her mother and an alien. In California alone there are 4 cases of women who make similar claim. Do the research if so inclined.

The Covert Grey Hybridization Programs

The Greys seem to have this market cornered for cold, unrelenting and brutal intrusions and global abductions carried on animals and humans that is unmatched by anything humans do to each other! There is no actual sexual contact just the culling of genetic samples, animal/humans, animal sexual organs, etc. The few that are true sexual liaisons are indeed rare compared to this massive and orchestrated program by the Greys to create the perfect alien/human hybrid species.

The abductions you mostly hear about by the Greys usually involve family (or Generational) abductions. Meaning that families and those children and their children are continually abducted. No one knows why this is but is believed that they are doing this for all the ‘right’ reasons. I have an issue with that but won’t go into it here. They are now, more and more, being reported to show concern for our earth, along with some ‘imaging’ of how the earth is being damaged and repeatedly ‘abused and used’ to those they have abducted! Sounds really twisted, right? If they really are so concerned why don’t they give a few key people who really give a damn about our world the means (technology) to get off oil for all time with alternative and clean technology for transportation and across-the-board power? That would certainly impress me!

There are many theories, claims and reasons given for the Greys so blatant and cold disregard for human rights and human beings. They are allegedly here because they advanced so much on their world they were unable to procreate naturally. So they came here to begin the melding of their DNA with human DNA (sperm/eggs), those advanced ‘hybrids offspring’ are thought to already be in existence among us. Allegedly placed in black ops programs like piloting the unmarked black helicopters, Men in Black and even piloting the planes that do the chemical dumps! Ideal when the need for complete discretion and total secrecy is demanded rather then using humans who, if they were aware of what they were doing to their own, might have a moral issue with hurting their families! Perhaps one of the reasons no one that is an actual pilot of these planes has ever became a whistleblower! They never would if they are indeed hybrids! Like I said the perfect choice for these jobs! Their loyalties would therefore be unquestionable and unflinching! Just a theory…

But, others feel that based on their years of covert abductions of animals and humans, killing of cattle, pets (and a few humans) their motives must reflect their past actions and more likely they are trying to clean up the planet before an Independence Day – type attempt to take-over using these hybrids (spread out and living among us) to help make it happen. Unless you can come up with a Grey willing to go on national TV and take a lie detector test, its doubtful we’ll learn the truth any time soon. Just to make it clear – not all the Greys are of this ilk but we only hear about the ‘dark’ ones.

These ‘dark’ Greys, allegedly, made this pact with covert government heads decades ago, to freely abduct human beings in exchange for technology and so it has been but if true the American people were bought and sold on a massive scale! According to some it has gone far beyond what was initially agreed upon.

However, the Greys, who get their marching orders from the Reptilians (its’ believed), will always be lacking one important ELEMENT that no amount of abductions, lab work or high technology can ever reproduce – the innate human capacity to love!

Many of those that claim to be continually abducted find themselves one day facing a child on board a Greys’ ship and being ‘magnetically drawn’ to ‘cuddle’ with it and visit awhile, knowing instantly it is there biological child! It seems the human/alien offspring aren’t faring too well without some emotional ‘bonding’ with the blood parent! If true that might hold the potential to work out in our favor somehow.

This can include male sires as well. I know of a man personally who told me he had likewise been abducted for years and after one such abduction he was presented with a little girl of about 6 or 7. He felt instantly she was his child but her hair was all over her head (guess they haven’t figured out the concept of hair grooming yet either). He was allowed to hug her and sit with her but only for a short while to the best of his memory. I believed him even though I was told this story in a little store in a town east of Albuquerque in 1995. I was very aware of the abduction phenomenon long before then. He was the first and last person I’ve ever known that had this experience consistently.

As a person who believes in and serves the Light I must add here that if anyone does not wish to be abducted begin to call on Jesus Christ, in name with feeling and passion, calling out for His protection when you are about to be abducted. It is said where there is Light these Greys do not wish to go! Just a thought…

Close Encounters of the Sexual Kind

The more conventional sexual liaisons seem to be based more on a ‘love’ kind of initial meeting and mostly consensual. Any offspring of this union may not be around past their 7th birthday (or earlier) as the ‘alien’ parent returns one day to take the child (or newborn) away with them. But these are either very rare or very rarely reported. No one is sure which.

Some kind of genetic experimentation is going on between aliens and humans but what most are not aware of is this is not just a ‘contemporary’ phenomena. The bible is full of such stories: “where the Nephilim came to earth and found the daughters of Man beautiful and had sex with them”. And so produced many beasts, giants or strong super human types such as Hercules who was claimed in Greek mythology to be the result of a liaison between Zeus and an earthly female he couldn’t resist – Alcmene! If you have the time and the urge you might look into those myths and legends of olde’ much more closely, as well as what is written in the bible by ancients writers when speaking of ‘hosts of heaven’ or ‘wheels within a wheel’, etc.

Thus, sexual liaisons and genetic experimentation has been going on since the first Alien visitors set foot on Earth untold millennia ago!

A Doctors Account of Aliens siring Children in an Indian village

Here is an account of a man who happened to be visiting an Indian village (in India) while on vacation and saw strange children that although looked normal behaved abnormally unlike a child of comparable age should react/act. He then came upon a doctor who shared the full story of what happened to this village when Aliens of Sumerian times arrived! Riveting!

Nightmare Hall Level 6! Dulce Exposed!

The Ground Zero of Human and Alien Experimentation IS Dulce!

Seven Levels Deep with each deeper level going ‘darker and darker’ and not just in diminishing light! Level Four is experiements on the humans; their psyche, dreams, auras, psychic abilities and even thoughts! Aliens and humans work down there together in some areas and others very separate. You might ask what is really going on at Dulce? The better question to ask is; what is NOT going on down in Dulce?

Now, the Battle at Dulce is said to be the precursor for an alien/human/reptilian war because of those Reptilians killing the Dulce based covert government scientists, security and abducting many locals in the vicinity over many years and with total impunity!

Deep inside Dulce are said to be numerous vats (too many to count) filled with human and alien results mentioned on this video. Humans are actually abducted from the nearby settlements surrounding the Archuletta Mesa in Northern New Mexico and has been going on for years! Half men half animal. The Native Americans know of it well and some have reported finding ‘air vents’ and hearing human screams and crying from them!

Reptilians doing experiments on humans and aliens as well as human scientists doing experiments on aliens and human! Because of America’s ethical issues with cloning and human experiments they stopped and took the research underground where no one asks questions, or can see what is going on.

Fusing of animals and humans together! Diabolical experiements done underground hidden from view and cattle found with human fetus inside accidently left behind by the Greys? (Getting sloppy or just brazen because they have no fear of any one stopping them?)

This Dulce base has at least thirty to forty years of advanced genetic/cloning research and that was reported over twenty years ago! The mind reels with how far along they may have come to present time!

Over 40 years ago, its reported that the Rand Corporation’s Lead Physicist told the LA Times that back in 1972 we have the capacity and the know how to create tunnels using thermonuclear boring machines along with building and running mag lev trains going from ten thousand to fourteen thousand miles per hour all across the US! And they built it – but ALL underground! How much would this have changed our lives if we had this technology ABOVE ground today? Can you imagine?!?

Complete drafts, patents and plans for these boring machines and trains may still be available to the public. (this was back in the early 70s). Some may recall UFO Hunters running an investigation on Dulce and having “insiders” revealing much information, drawings, etc. about what is actually below the Archuletta Mesa Reservation on Native American Land. John Lear and John Rhodes also come forward. Ann West and Security Officer Thomas Castello began it all! Castello was a security guard working inside Dulce who secretly made a video tape of the atrocities going on there and managed to get it out.

Those blonde twins could very well be the perfect end result of such black funded advanced scientific genetic experiments on freefall!

They have revealing information on advanced technology that can drill deep underground tunnels perfectly and easily anywhere! The installation and operation of mag-lev trains that can run at speeds up to fourteen thousand miles an hour were openly talked about years ago! Fantastic? Unbelievable? Yes! But according to certain ‘whistleblowers’ who may or may not be alive today – a daily reality underneath our very feet!

Resources and Links

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