Handprint On The Window

Time:         4.44pm
Date:         13th July 2010
Location:    Narrandera. NSW. Australia 

At 4.44pm on the 13th July 2010 in a building located in Narrandera NSW, Australia, a handprint was discovered on a window pane. It was not noted whether the handprint was internal or external but the location was very difficult to access. The building is a renovated house that has later been used as a business residence and the window is located within a bathroom. The bathroom is on the second floor of the building and would require intelligent navigation to scale, excellent balance skills to press on the window and then descend. That is if the handprint was external.

The photographer returned to the room the next morning, to see whether the handprint was still there, it was not. By 9am on the 14th July 2010 the impression was completely not evident; in short it had been removed.

I feel it is relevant to note that the photographer is a believer in spirit beings and has a family member who is a contactee and an unawakened life long experiencer. The photographer and immediate family members are comfortable with the sharing of their evidence and experience but have chosen to remain anonymous to avoid sightseers.

While investigating the handprint evidence two independent witnesses agreed that the handprint did not appear to be that of a human being. One independent witness is a scientist with medical training that includes extensive knowledge of the human body and in particular anatomy. The second independent witness needs evidence to support a belief in Intergalactic Visitors but felt the handprint was not immediately recognisable as human and begged answers and investigation to reveal the true identity of the visitor responsible for making and leaving the handprint.

The impression on first inspection does not clearly resemble a handprint of a human being. It does however have similarities such as a palm area and extensions, just like fingers. What should be noted is the length of the extensions/fingers, they are all similar in length however human beings have fingers of varying lengths. The two outer fingers do not appear to resemble human fingers in that, where the human opposable thumb would be located is a long extension that appears to be without a ball joint, as knuckles are on a human hand.

Please examine the evidence and draw your own conclusions. I believe an Intergalactic Visitor left a calling card, as it were, a peaceful sign of their presence. No damage, no violence, no threat and at sometime afterward they even cleaned the window. I believe the Intergalactic Visitor who left the handprint on the window is an intelligent and friendly being – what do you believe?

Amanda Prosser

Contactee/Life Long Experiencer/Teacher/Researcher 

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