The Reality of Being a Contactee and Life Long Experiencer.

Reality refers to something that is real, not a figment of our imagination, not something made up out of thin air and not something dreamed.

My reality includes working with young people, children who are students within educational settings. I also work alongside adults within educational settings. I work at two different educational centres, one run by the Australian Government and another run by the Catholic Church and both schools have something in common.

At both schools I have had adults and students disclose their contact experiences to me.

Disclosures have been relayed to me by the person who has had the experience, by an adult or parent of the young person and by adults separate to anyone else. Students have disclosed to me in class, in front of their classmates as well as privately, after class or quietly out on the playground.

One element is common to both schools, the adults and the students speak to me in confidence. When students started to disclose to me, it was both shocking and humbling. They were blurting out information that had obviously been simmering just below the surface and they were entrusting that information to me. It was the last thing I expected to experience in a classroom but now that my journey has enveloped me,

I can see no better place to share, discuss and disclose than in a classroom. Contact with Intergalactic Visitors is probably more common than anyone currently realises. I do not profess to be an intellectual or scientific expert but I know what is happening. I am a Contactee, I have seen Intergalactic Craft in the sky. I acknowledge that I am not the only one, essentially I am not the first and I will not be the last.

I have also discovered that I am a Life Long Experiencer. Discovery is the essence of learning that you are an Experiencer and this is aided by answering questionnaires composed by thoughtful and thorough researchers, accompanied by personal reflection of certain occurrences during various stages of life. Professional assistance with regard to counselling and regression can help put the pieces of a ‘spiritual and multi dimensional’ jigsaw into a complete picture.

The beauty of being a Contactee and Life Long Experiencer is,once the realisation has been absorbed by the intellect and digested by the soul, the journey truly begins. Once the journey envelops you the transformation that ensues is dynamic but ever so gradual and gentle. At least this is now my ongoing reality. My reality is all about my spiritual growth and journey.

Star Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children in fact all Children are featuring in my life, they are all around me. Not just because I work in an education system and not because I am a Teacher, it is because they have come to Earth to learn but more importantly to teach. As part of what is referred to as the ‘Starfeed’ are Star and Indigo Adults. Now that the students of life are disclosing their contacts and experiences we can all move toward viewing our beautiful Earth as a classroom, where we respect, share and discuss all information so that everyone gets to benefit.

Amanda Prosser Contactee/Experiencer/Researcher/Teacher


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