1. The Berlin Chancellery:* Hitler’s head office was the Berlin executive mansion that also served as the Fuhrer’s official residence. The first known Chancellery doppelganger was the SS founder *Julius Shcreck*, who also served as the Fuhrer’s chauffeur. Schreck’s death was reported on May 16, 1936. However, diverse details of his death speciously disagreed. At the fall of Berlin, a Hitler double corpse was discovered in the Berlin ruins. The double was a Chancellery “cook” according to a witness. (In 1936, Max Schreck, a German actor known for his role in the 1922 vampire movie “Nosferatu,” died in a Munich hospital of a heart attack.) Who was buried in 1936 at Munich’s Grafelfing cemetery?




2. *The Alpine Berghof:* The most famous house in Berchtesgaden was Hitler’s Berghof (formerly house Wachenfeld), his home in the Obersalzberg of the Bavarian Alps. A lot of important people from all over Europe came here to visit Hitler at his vacation residence. The Berghof doppelganger was the bohemian actor *Gustav Weler*. Martin Bormann introduced Weler to Hitler at the Berghof and protected Weler in Munich. Some reports said Weler was executed by a gunshot to the forehead in an attempt to confuse the Allied troops when Berlin was taken. The corpse was photographed and filmed by the Soviets. However, the British surgeon W. Hugh Thomas reported that Allied troops found Gustav Weler alive after the war and interviewed him following Hitler’s death.



3. *The East Prussian Wolf’s Lair:* Adolf Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair headquarters near the small East Prussian town of Rastenburg was the most important Nazi command post building during World War II. The Wolf’s Lair doppelganger was the stenographer *Heinrich Berger, *who died after a bomb blew off his legs when Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg made a failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The Nazi forces destroyed the Wolf’s Lair as they retreated in early 1945. The Fuhrerallegedly spent nearly half of World War II here. Time magazine wrote that Hitler’s double at the Wolf’s Lair was Heinrich “Bergner.”





4. *The Roaming Support Double:* The roving double was a “support” look-alike that appeared in all places required. *Aleister Crowley* drew notice to the fact that he served as a British intelligence double agent and referred to Adolf Hitler as his “magic child,” an extension of Crowley’s own psyche. Ale brewery heir Crowley gained infamy during the Prohibition, impersonated famous people (including Winston Churchill), and wrote that at his birth, hair strands on his chest formed into a swastika. Yet more significantly, Satanist Aleister Crowley was an editorial colleague of George Sylvester Viereck, designated by the Jewish press as the soul of Hitler propaganda in the U.S.




5. *The Real Adolf Hitler:* Born on April 20, 1889 at Braunau am Inn, in Austria-Hungary, *Adolf Hitler* worked as a landscape artist. At the end of World War I, Corporal Hitler was taken to Pasewalk military hospital upon exposure to mustard gas. After treatment by neuropsychologist Dr. Edmund Forster, Hitler expressed a fanatical desire to destroy the Jews and dominate the world. During World War II, The ailing leader spent nearly all of his period of influence in a cavernous bunker where he directed lightning war tactics under draconian conditions. When his furious undertakings failed, Hitler decided to finish his life in his dugout headquarters. On May 4, 1945, Russian troops discovered the real Adolf Hitler’s burnt remains in a garden waste site near the Berlin Fuhrerbunker.



6. *The Argentina Escapee:* After the reported bunker suicide of Adolf Hitler, eyewitness accounts surfaced of the Nazi Fuhrer in Argentina. Architect of the Holocaust Adolf Eichmann and infamous Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele were among those who took flight to South America. As news of the Fuhrer’s alleged escape to South America mounted, some observers hoped to spot a fraudulent individual coming out of Argentina, surrounded by fugitive German officers. Few anticipated that the defiant person would be a *fake Disney*. Disney Productions published a news announcement that a fraudulent “Walt Disney Mundo SA,” based in Argentina, had duped millions of dollars from investors. Why did a once-penniless cartoon artist go to South America, get access to Nazi space age technology and show off German former SS officers in children’s TV shows?

By Peter Fotis Kapnistos


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