Iowan Republican Voters Subconsciously Sense Gingrich’s Transhuman Identity

Sometimes the best place to hide is right under people’s noses. Let me infallibly prove this with a metaphorical question: If you were a pod-grown transhuman hybrid of an interdimensional race, and you wanted to have a career as a successful politician, what kind of name would you pick? Would it be John Smith, or Matthew Davis? How about Iguana Johnson? But if you knew what was good for you wouldn’t name yourself after a lizard right, because you’d be found out? Wrong. Newt Gingrich has a long career as a politician, not even respecting traditional humans enough to try and hide his transhuman identity. He has been biding his time at other offices in the nation like Speaker of the House until he can get powerful enough to put his real plan in action.

We are not alone though. Mitt Romney and many others know about Newt’s real identity, and Romney even stopped being a Democrat so he could run against him and stop his takeover. Santorum and Bachmann are oblivious, and are in over their heads, like little children. I think Santorum is in more actually violence danger because of his smug expression.

But since Newt has dropped in the polls in Iowa lately, it is so obvious that the Iowans sense that he has been there before, and what it was that he was then and is still is not something nice.

We all know about the Mount Pleasant sighting in Iowa in the 1920s. Then, “coincidentally,” less than 24 years later, Newt is born just a few states away. If you talk to any experts of the time, they will all tell you that in the 20’s it would take about 24 hours to get from Iowa to Pennsylvania, because the transhuman would not want to steal to set off any suspicions.

Another “coincidence” is that Dr. Paul , after 30 year, starts to take a lead? I personally think Dr. Paul will do anything to get to the White House, even making a deal with the transhuman order, soon to be the NEW WORLD ORDER. I respect Dr. Paul’s refusal to deliver non-human babies, but that’s not an excuse for getting in bed with the enemy. For someone who “hates government” this is all a lot of coincidences.

Everybody won’t believe everything I say. This is food for thought.

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