King Edward VIII And The Occultists

Ben Fenton broke the news, that was long rumoured, of the connection With Dr Alexander Cannon and both the Royal family and Winston Churchill.

So serious was Churchill about keeping secret news of the efforts of ‘wartime Black Team’ of occultists fighting his war, that Dr Alexander Cannon was exiled to the Isle of Man, and told he would meet with an accident if he spoke again.

The head of the Church of England’s occult section Dr. Archbishop Cosmo Lang, disapproved of the Focus group funding Churchill into power, and the spate of murders of those who did not approve, he also disliked Churchill’s mass fire bombing of civilians and the use of such people in the Black team as astrologer Louis De Wohl Dennis Wheatley, Violet Firth ( Dion Fortune ) and allegedly Aleister Crowley among others in black magic ceremonies at the Devils chimney Portland bill, which meant local rumours were common at that time of ritual human sacrifices, and Crowley who like Churchill was a 33rd degree mason, would have been aware of the Masonic sacrificial term ‘Burnt Offering ‘ the irony of burning huge numbers of German nationals in there homes at the wars end was said by superspy Sir Anthony Blunt to be a deliberate act of psychopathic genocide.

Churchill above all wanted secrecy, Dr Alexander Cannon was a top psychiatrist who had studied at several universities and was also a master occultist, who understood that many deep phobias were from obsessing or possessing entities deceased personality fragments and magnetised lower elemental spirits, and like Churchill’s doctor Lord Moran and society osteopath and healer Stephen Ward also treated Churchill for his depressive and alcoholic fits.

Ben Fenton mentions in his great article that Alexander Cannon treated Edward VIII for alcoholism, but his own doctors records do not support this, whereas Lord Moran said Churchill’s do.

Spy Guy Burgess sent documents to his wartime Russian controllers which verify Churchill’s crippling alcoholism and documents passed by John Cairncross now in the Russian GRU library from Patrick Kinna show Churchill’s violent hatred for Edward VIII.

Dianna McConnel the Duchess of Wellington, was an intelligence operative in W.W.II. and oversaw operations against Royal interference in stopping the war, incidentally she was party to the cessation of a Stern gang bombing campaign on Christian churches, one of which was an attack on a British church during her own wedding.

President Roosevelt commenting that Churchill was always unsteady on his feet, and was known to call Churchill; ‘that drunken bum’ and amusingly Churchill while in the USA did fall over and badly hurt his leg.

The scenario for this whole event lay in the fact that in the 1917 Russian revolution, the Russian royal family were all murdered, so that Rothschilds who funded the revolution, could take the Czars vast wealth, and strip his bank accounts in London and Paris, and start the communist ball rolling.

The British royal family secretly supported Hitler as he was the only man in Europe who was prepared to stand up against the soviet advance, the Queen mother in particular was a big supporter, the royals feared that the Russians would kill them all too.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

It was known Hitler wanted the royals in place, whereas the Russians wanted no royals left. Edward the VIII ‘s abdication, was in fact nothing to do with Mrs Wallis Simpson, Edward had a string of affairs with married women and no one said a word before Wallis. His abdication was forced by Churchill over the fact he kept trying to broker a peace deal with Germany, his brother the Duke of Kent was murdered by Churchill in an air crash to stop him talking to Herman Goering which he was prone to do.

The flamboyant MP Leo Abse was an alleged informer to both British and Soviet intelligence services, and always had insider gossip on the royals and said Churchill did not write all his speeches as claimed.

I have some of Archbishop Cosmo Langs’ personal letters and some from various royals to him, and the history books lie and lie again.

If Dr Alexander Cannon did treat Edward VIII it was not for alcoholism.



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