Maddening Machinations…and why I Go Bonkers


Imagine for a moment that you belong to an organization comprised of people who are all looking for an elusive mine with a vast treasure in gold, etc. You and your fellows have searched long and hard and have followed one lead after another, one report of the shiny, shimmering stuff after another, all to no avail.  Then one day, at a meeting for all the members of the organization where the presumed best evidence for the presumably unfound treasure will be broadly discussed, the leader of the organization is asked what he think of the, let’s call it the Old XYZ Mine, reputed by some to hold the treasure but always rejected out of hand…for various, dubious reasons.

MUFON’s Director: “Meier Case Real, just…too Good”

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The leader says, “Oh, it’s real. But it’s too good.” And, without further ado, marches on his way to go about the business at hand, i.e. discussing everything but the existence and known location of the long sought after treasure, the authenticity of which he’s already acknowledged. How excited would you be to participate in that kind of exercise in futility and complete lack of credibility?

Let me digress but for a moment.

I know that I promised my friend Kevin to try to remain calm, kind and loving towards all and especially not to get ticked off at people, my country, etc. But I did have an experience this past weekend in Las Vegas where I had a product table at the MUFON Symposium.

Another friend, Blake, came in all the way from Austin, Texas, to assist me for the weekend. Little did we know that we were to have what I guess can best be described as a…paranormal experience.

As we entered the facility the first two people we met were the new executive director of MUFON, Jan Harzan and one of his colleagues. After a few brief words we asked Mr. Harzen what he thought about the Billy Meier case.

It took him but a brief moment to say, “Yes, I know very well that the Meier case is real, it’s just that it is too good.”

As Blake also recalls, “So then he gives us this gem, ‘Remember what Jesus said to his disciples,’ then he jumbled together some incoherent thoughts about when Jmmanuel said not to cast pearls before the swine. So we both kind of looked at each other and left bewildered, disappointed and laughing at the same time. What a joke.”

We were trapped in the twilight zone.  The director of the presumably number one organization dedicated to chasing UFOs (read: lights in the sky) and enlisting as many ordinary folks as “Field Investigators” as possible, actually knows that the Meier case is real, true, authentic, etc., but is troubled by its being…”Too good.”

Now, to anyone who may think that my feelings get in the way of more objective reporting, what does one do when once the truth is recognized and then dismissed…because it’s the truth? Talk about what is popularly called “crazy making”.

Is there any other field of study, any science, etc., where, when one finds empirical evidence, where one confirms that the target has been acquired – put it however you will – that one then dismisses it in favor of continuing to look for, to chase ephemeral, elusive substitutes for the real thing?

Perhaps you’ve figured out by now that MUFON (and other members of the “UFO industry”), actually depend on not finding the truth, since that would effectively put them out of business. And make no mistake about it – UFOs have become verybig business. This once entirely fringe field even has some scientists cautiously popping up here and there, mainly to express their sanitized, most cautious conjecture that there must be “somebody else” out there.

So, is it really all that surprising that the adversarial role of MUFON was long foretold – even before its inception – by Asket, in 1953?

As far as the lengths to which the enemies of the truth will go to prevent it from being discovered…there is no measurement sufficient to define that yet.

Of course if you’re looking for a “career” that doubles as an exercise in futility, as well as one that keeps pushing the truth farther and farther away from people, please consider becoming a Field Investigator for MUFON. And remember their motto, “If it’s real…it’s just too good.”

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