The French Watch Helplessly as Ancient Prophecies are Fulfilled…at Their Extreme Expense


The French Watch Helplessly as Ancient Prophecies are Fulfilled…at Their Extreme Expense

The Henoch Prophecies, given to UFO contactee Billy Meier by extraterrestrials, in 1981 and 1987, accurately foretell current threat to France and all of Europe by radical Islam; also forewarn of two coming U.S. civil wars

Playa Del Rey, CA (Vocus) October 11, 2010

Prophetic information published by lifelong UFO contactee, Billy Meier, appears to be uncannily – and disturbingly – coming to pass, this time in front of the whole world. The warnings pertain to the ever-growing problems that France is facing with Islamic extremists brazenly defying French laws, while the authorities appear powerless to enforce them. Meier’s U.S. media representative, Michael Horn, emphasizes that the September 26, 2010 warnings about the Islamization of Paris echo information that is not only clear and unambiguous but has been in print for many years.

“One can read this for themselves on page 317 of And Still They Fly! published in 2004. Unbelievable as it may seem, we are actually watching the early stages of the – predicted – overthrow of France by radical Islam. However, we should be very careful not to gloat over the troubles that the French are having, as the same prophecies foretell that the U.S. will suffer two coming civil wars, one following upon the other. I laughed when I first read that, in 1986. It seemed absolutely ridiculous that our country could experience such trouble. I’m not laughing now as I observe the deep polarization here over many things, including our own problems with illegal immigrants. But problems like these don’t arise suddenly; they are a long time in the making.

“Human beings should have long ago learned that the seeds of decline are often sown in the process of ascent to power. The laws of cause and effect can’t be fooled. No matter how powerful a country may become, if it badly exploited others in the process, a ‘day of reckoning’ will inevitably arrive, no matter how inopportune or unfair it may seem when it does.”

Horn says that the purpose of Meier’s prophetic information hasn’t been to scold or punish, rather to forewarn of the consequences of wrong thoughts and actions so that people would make better choices and avoid unnecessary tragedies. He points to some specific solutions that have been suggested for things like our criminal, war and terrorism challenges and the underlying problem beneath it all, overpopulation.

“People may have a great deal of trouble with the fact that these are the prophecies originally written by the prophet Enoch (Henoch) thousands of years ago, before many of the countries existed as we know them today. These, as well as the original predictions of Elijah and Jeremiah, which were removed from the Bible, have also been in the keeping of the Plejaren extraterrestrials. The warning about radical Islam was also included on The Meier Contacts DVD, first released in 2004, so there’s ample documentation for even the most ardent skeptic. But again the question is, will humanity wake up…in time?”

Michael Horn will be appearing at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo October 15 – 17, 2010.

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