UFO Prophet Right…Again, BP Spill Far Greater than Reported


UFO Prophet Right…Again, BP Spill Far Greater than Reported

Extraterrestrials again provided Swiss UFO contactee with accurate scientific information; even more devastating consequences may be expected than now reported


Playa Del Rey, CA (Vocus) October 6, 2010

The recent announcement that the actual estimates of the damage from the BP Gulf disaster were lowered comes as no surprise to those who’ve been following the information published by Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier.

“According to information given to Meier by extraterrestrial human beings in May and June of this year, the actual long range consequences of the BP disaster may be exponentially greater than the government and corporate spin indicate,” says Michael Horn, U.S. media representative for the reclusive Meier. “The easily verified prophetic accuracy of Meier’s scientific and environmental information is going to stun people who may now start asking, ‘if this is true why haven’t I heard about it before?’”

Horn says that the answer to that question will surprise many people for whom all UFO information is viewed as merely entertainment or fantasy. He claims that the Meier UFO contact case, its evidence and voluminous body of information are not only the most important but also the most suppressed story in human history.

“We should remember that this is not a report of lights in the sky, or some mysterious object that appears over an airport and then disappears. Meier’s contacts span nearly 70 years and, unfortunately, the parties most complicit in keeping this story from the public along with the government and media are none other than the so-called ‘experts’ in the UFO community. They substitute insubstantial, anecdotal stories with no hard evidence, such as the Meier case singularly possesses. Maybe there’s a reason for it.”

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