Our First sighting Was Easily One Mile Across

By Andy Bell
Ashburton, UK

Our First sighting Was Easily One Mile Across Dec 1998


This craft travelled in a polar orbit of our planet! Is it possible that this is one of our own off world ships that was mentioned by the Nasa hacker recently? Or is it alien? (certainly doesn’t look like one of ours to me!). My next entry is a close encounter which has illuminated edges, could this be the “mother” ship to my close encounter two years later?

When: December 1998
Day/Night: Night time
Duration: 2 Minutes – twice
No. of objects: One
No. of Witnesses: Two

Full Description and Details:

This craft was huge and travelling at the same speed as a satelite. We were looking at the stars when i showed my partner a satelite travelling across the window -at that moment she looked up towards the satelite this huge craft travelling in a slightly different direction passed over the window. It would have passed directly over GOONHILLY observatory as well twice that same night. As the satelite came across the window for the second time – so did the craft. We are definitely not alone. I have recently discovered a web site that could explain where these craft come from here it is http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/

Could it possibly be the same craft as this pilot witnessed over Guernsey?

Watch interview: https://www.ufodigest.com/video/uk-ufo-pilot-sightings-update-watch-video-interview-pilot

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