The Flying Hotel of Devon!



By Andy Bell

Location: Ashburton. Devon, England
Day/night: Dusk about 20:00 hours
Duration: 15-20 minutes
No. of Objects: Single
No. of Witnesses: 3 

Full Description & details:

This craft was amazing an L-shaped building complete with balconies at the rear (three of them) Below the balconies were two mesh dishes shaped similar to Butterfly wings. 

These were pulsing a blue/purple light and seemed to be propelling the craft. Underside we saw three white lights with huge pipes between them. There were two lights at the rear and one light at the front. 

Also every straight edge was like a fluorescent tube and the craft looked as if constructed of concrete with a yellow appearance. This craft emitted a heavy electrical humming noise as it passed over about fifty feet in the air. 

Size I would estimate at 120 metres long and 40 metres wide. 40 metres tall at the front for 80 metres and the final 40 metres was 80 metres tall.

Its speed I would estimate at 50 km/hr or less. 

When: Dirk the close encounter occurred the second week of September 2000 2 years after witnessing the Mile Wide “Mother Ship” arrive in a polar orbit December 13th 1998. Are the ships related to each other? The Flying Saucer Doctors!

Other comments: We are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE! 

Were they landing somewhere on Dartmoor?

Are they still here? 

WHAT are the three lights? 

How do they create lift? 

Reported Sighting? Yes Reported to: various sites

Name: Andy Bell Location:

Ashburton. Devon, England

Age: 47


I  believe that this very craft has had an interaction with a couple in the winter of 1987! In my local area too! (The Flying Saucer Doctors) 

A friend has sent me extracts from a book “Encounters with the unknown” written by Colin Parsons (Deceased)

For more information about Colin Parsons book simple click on the book’s title: Encounters with the Unknown

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