“Shining Object” in the Skies of Oro Verde

By Scott Corrales
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy
UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent

Argentina: “Shining Object” in the Skies of Oro Verde

Date: 02.14.2012
Source: Diario UNO (Entre Rios) and Planeta UFO

An amateur astronomer noticed that “something at a considerable height” was moving along. It happened on Saturday afternoon between “13:10 and 13:40” hours”. He admitted that it could be a “weather balloon” and managed to photograph it while engaged in yard work.

César Fornari contacted UNO to describe what happened while he trimmed a tree in his backyard. “ I saw a curious object to the southwest at an altitude of 20 degrees,” he said.

He strove for a more technical description while continuing his story. “[the object] made an arc that reached maximum altitude around 70 degrees before heading southeast. It had a rather interesting glow, clearly visible in the blue sky. This means that it was not hard to find it despite the brightness of the day,” said the director of the Galileo Galilei Observatory, which he operates out of his own home.

Later on he added that “it was as readily visible as a 0 Magnitude star” – an allusion to its intense brightness. With regard to this characteristic, Formari added: “Had the sighting occured at night, the spectacle would’ve been completely different.”

Using the movement that we customarily see in the ISS (International Space Station) as a reference, this object was moving at half the speed, or 1/3 that of a commercial airliner. The entire fly-by took place between 13:10 and 13:40 approximately. At first I thought that it was a bag flying at considerable height, but after detailed observation, I realized that it was something at a great height, and I was unable to make out any shape whatsoever,” stated the self-taught student of celestial phenomena.

The question of what he really saw in the sky over Oro Verde remains open. According to his evaluation and experience, he noted that “given its U-shaped trajectory” he discarded all manner of satellites or natural phenomena. It could be a weather ballon, since it had no fixed route and oscillated in its trajectory. I nonetheless still have my doubts.”

…and a follow-up to the same sighting by the same digital newspaper…


Following the sighting of a strange object over Oro Verde on Saturday afternoon, an employee of a downtown service station in the city of Paraná also claimed having had a similar experience, although in her case, it was at night.

Maria Salzmann, a worker at the Automovil Club Argentino station on the corner of Buenos Aires and Laprida Streets, told UNO her experience: “On Saturday, while at ACA, I went to change in order to work the night shift, and when I was in the women’s lounge patio putting on my shoes, I happened to look up and saw something that flew by incredibly fast.

Impassioned, the 30-year-old woman said that “the light wasn’t very strong, but it was solid and unblinking.” Startled, she realized that the object did not look like anything known to her: “I had the time to notice if it was an airplane or a helicopter, but no. Besides, it passed by too close to me. I saw it for some six or seven seconds.”

The time was 21:30 and she was alone. She quickly went to tell her co-workers, who said they hadn’t seen a thing. “It shocked me because it was clearly nothing known, it was something odd. It was a UFO to me. I told my co-workers immediately and texted my husband.”

A co-worker told me that Diario UNO had published a story about something seen on Saturday that was similar to what I’d seen. So I went and checked, and that’s why I decided to get in touch with you,” she said to this digital newspaper, regarding what had been seen by Cesar Fornari on Saturday in Oro Verde.

We saw something similar not long ago in Uspallata, near Chile. We were eating at a restaurant and suddenly saw a light approaching at high speed before it disappeared. We were left in suspense, watching it until it vanished. It was the same thing. The same light traveling quickly,” Maria noted.

(Translation (c) 2012 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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