The 1956 Ferraudi Contactee Experience: Doing It Old School – Part II

Orlando also tells us that there was a weapons demonstration, in this case, the small compact that has several uses, like a Swiss army knife. Through a porthole, he was shown a small cube-shaped object. The being pointed the compact at the target and it vanished. He was told: “This is pure energy. When it finds its mark, it disintegrates it completely. Nothing is left. Neither smoke, nor odor. This weapon breaks down everything it touches. We want you to know that this power shall be brought to bear against you, much to our regret, if you jeopardize interstellar harmony.” We ask ourselves: is this device an example of Vril Energy? The old Bulwer Lytton novel rears its head in ufological reality.

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He doesn’t know how, but he woke up in the same place from where he was taken. It was now sunrise and six hours were missing from his life. What happened to the lost time? What became of young Elena? What is the meaning of a symbol he has in his mind?

Comparative Ufology

We had mentioned that the case has some markers that over time lead us to conclude it is indeed exceptional.
In 1990, we were able to investigate the so-called Cerminara Case. Mr. Luis Cerminara was the manager of an insurance company in Pergamino (southern Buenos Aires Province). We found him by chance while researching a CE-3 incident. Luis was 50 at the time and was newly married. His experiences went back to his childhood in his hometown (Arroyo Dulce) where, as he told us, a “little white airplane” would come and fetch him at night with a “tiny little being”, taking him on journeys through the Earth’s interior. Upon reaching adulthood, he began receiving telepathic contacts. During one of these contacts in 1981, he was asked to go to Caleta Olivia (in southern Argentina). He did so with several friends, although the ETs told him to go alone.
It was there, on a cold night in a deserted beach, that two beings appeared, clad in light colored one-piece outfits. They led him into a UFO shaped like an inverted plate, which silently approached from the sea.

The parallels with the Ferraudi case are startling. He was led to a circular room “where light emerged from everywhere,” according to Luis. He was subsequently taken to the “bridge” with its consoles and screens. He was asked to look through one of the screens as Earth was left behind. He saw our planet’s blue color, could see the Moon, its dark side, and the sun. Interestingly enough, he told us: “the Sun is black” – the same statement made by Orlando.

While having no great recollections of his experience aboard the craft, he remembered returning to Earth at breathtaking speed, subsequently entering a tunnel where he saw a sort of “transfer station” with several domes. They emerged in the locality of Tandil (400 km south of Buenos Aires). During a short flight – with no sensation of movement – the craft returned him to the deserted beach. After this experience, his telepathic contacts continued, announced by a buzzing in his right ear. He also had a bedroom visitation: on the night of 7 December 1985, after having sexual relations with his young wife, a being of the same morphology appeared at the foot of the bed and told them they had just conceived a child, a very special one. In fact, we saw a photograph of the boy, four years old at the time, touching a crucifix and causing it to glow. A hybrid, perhaps?

Oddly, Luis Cerminara began developing curative powers after his abduction, much like Orlando. Luis has an interesting mark behind his red ear, the place where he was implanted, as he tells us. Orlando has no recollections or signs of having been implanted.

The similarities are incredible, especially when Orlando’s case had not yet been published.
In 1968, we find the Julia Pretzel CE-3 at the locale of Carlos Paz (Cordoba Province, Argentina). In this CE-3, which occurred at the La Cuesta Motel (now the La Cuesta Hotel), a being with the same morphology described drew a small sphere or “compact” from his outfit and held it up, causing the human witness to feel faint. When lowered, the witness felt restored. Much like in the Ferraudi Case. [For more information on the Pretzel CE-3, see Argentina: The 1968 Night Visitor at]

With regard to the pineal gland, we would like to mention that Spanish researchers recently stated the pineal gland is magneto receptive. Since antiquity, this gland has always been considered responsible for telepathy. We have now developed the theory, according our ESP experiments, that the possibility of communicating telepathically (at least among humans) is slight. We have also found that contactees produce a small number of phenomena, generally known as PK (psychokinesis), such as: recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (Poltergeist), breakdowns of electrical devices, electronic interference, photogenesis, etc. It is our sincere belief that there is some technology involved in communications of this sort, similar to the so-called “Pandora Project”, where it is possible to convey a message to the subject, perhaps through their pineal gland, by means of a guided electromagnetic pulse. The magnetic field created may possibly enable the manifestation of PK phenomena.

There is another interesting phenomenon in the experiences of Orlando, Luis Cerminara and other abductees, and it involves a symbol. An extremely simple one, that is repeated in all experiences, not only in Argentina but worldwide, and which we have seen repeated many times in our investigations: a circle with a triangle in the middle. Is this perhaps the symbol that identifies a particular species?

In the early 1990s, Orlando decided to try hypnosis in order to find out if additional details could be recovered. He contacted renowned researcher Orlando Suarez (also in the ONIFE group). Having made various sessions, no additional details were obtained. Fabio Zerpa confirmed that there exists an irretrievable amnesia, even under deep hypnosis.

Orlando Ferraudi Today

Orlando is now over 70 years old, and his story is exactly as it was 20 years ago.

We cannot help but notice that he feels frustrated, in the sense of his fruitless search for Elena over the years in the various provinces of Argentina. Also by his inability to share his experience with others, not even with new researchers who are more interested by a video of a distant object in the sky than collecting information from someone who has come face to face with “them”. In recent years, Orlando wrote about his experiences under the suggestive title “¿Por Qué Yo?” (Why Me?) in an effort to disseminate his experiences. All contactees ask the same question, which no one can answer.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Eduardo Grosso, Liliana Flotta, Angel Carretero]

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