The UFO phenomenon has evolved over the decades from the 1940’s to the present. Each generation has witnessed aerial phenomenon and has consequently had increasing access to clues and evidence. Civilizations from parallel realities and parallel dimensions similar to our own reality have been manipulating human DNA from the beginning of our recorded history and it is highly likely that all of this activity over the decades is the visually elusive air traffic of beings involved in one singularly focused mission involving humans. This genetic program is a part of our human history,  it is here with you and I now and will continue flowing down line into humanities future. It is time to accept the fact that we are hybridized humanoid beings with alien DNA.
However, the children of the very latest human genetic upgrade are quite different and far more advanced than you and I and thus are currently living off world out of harm’s way. We have a number of reliable eyewitness reports of these hybrid children and in this website we will paint a few broad strokes in order to take a peek at the feverish activity occurring out of public sight along with the mind bending possibilities of the impending first contact.
Hybridization of a conscious humanoid appears to be quite complex. Evolution is not ruled out, but there is a point at which highly advanced humanoids begin to upgrade other humanoids. The benefits of this process would, at its simplest, be the perpetuation of life, intelligence and consciousness. This is a logical expectation within an infinite multiverse and likely a process that spans countless worlds and vast expanses of time as we know it. Earth is but a part of the process and not the process itself. We will come to realize that we are part of a larger galactic family and the relatives are coming to introduce themselves.
The information, illustrations and scene recreations contained in this website exist, and can only be shared with the world thanks to the hard work of researchers, writers and CE4 eyewitnesses. To our readers we would like to state that this information has been diligently collected and represents literally hundreds of hours of conversation with experts in the field as well as abductees who were willing and kind enough to participate in the development of these renderings to assure as high a degree of accuracy as possible. As utterly bizarre and surreal as some of these renderings may appear to be, they are based upon input directly from abductees and CE4 eyewitnesses.  
The Hybrids Project website begins with fundamental concepts and logical speculation and we expect more revelations and evidence to flow toward us as time passes, therefore this site will evolve and we will update sections as we learn more, so please stay tuned.
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