The Light That Emerged from The Ground In Argentina

By Scott Corrales
Latin America Correspondent

Source: CEUFO
Date: 12.14.10

Argentina: The Light That Emerged from The Ground
By Quique Mario, CEUFO

Four people suffered a strange experience on the evening of 17 November and discussed it live on the PUENTE 2001 program on Radio Ciudad, Antena 10, from 23:00 to 00:00 hours, and over the Internet on

1st case: Witness Juan Ignacio, accompanied by a friend, both of them raised in the countryside and with a good knowledge of its ways, were getting ready to have dinner on 17 November on the shoulder of Provincial Route 14, some fifteen kilometers east of the El Durazno wilderness. Geographically, the area features tall vegetation with some valleys suitable for agriculture. There are no communities nearby, except for the wilderness, which features a Vialidad Provincial (provincial traffic control) post, a police station and some isolated houses. The time was 23:00 hours and both men readied themselves to eat on the hood of the car when they realized that a caldén (a traditional tree of the Pampean wilderness) was completely illuminated…but the light emerged “from below” as though coming out of the earth. Attracted by the spectacle, they decided to approach the tree within a few meters and noticed that the same phenomenon was taking place behind another caldén, a hundred meters distant. They felt afraid, and immediately began hearing as sound described as “consisting of two notes” – a very loud sound to the extent that, overwhelmed by terror, [Jose Ignacio] realized that if something was about to happen to him, there was nothing he could do to prevent it. Two separate beams of light pointing upward emerged from the light sources of both trees. The beams merged with a light that remained suspended overhead. “It looked like a tree”, he said, and thus a sort of triangle was formed, which caused him even more fear, when added to the strange, unknown sound. The whole event lasted 40 seconds, which were “an eternity” to both men. Suddenly the beams were raised to the “suspended light” and it vanished into space at a stunning rate of speed. The sense of anguish and helplessness brought on by the spectacle shook both men to their core, and the following week, they decided to share their experiences on the PUENTE 2001 broadcast.

2nd case: Shortly after the phone conversation, there was a second eyewitness account from someone identifying himself as “Eduardo”, a hunter, who was hunting some 10-15 km west of the El Durazno wilderness with a colleague. He reported a phenomenon similar to the one made known by Jose Ignacio and at 23:30 hrs, that is to say, with a half-hour difference. He cautiously approached the source of light emerging from the ground and claimed that it measured some 20 meters in diameter, although lacking regular borders. He didn’t dare venture into the illuminated area and acknowledged that the phenomenon “is frightenable” (sic) according to his own definition. Accustomed to traveling at night in rural areas, and not believing anything related to the UFO phenomenon, he said that he remembered a few stories and was also afraid. He heard no strange sounds, nor did he see beams of light. He claimed that the light “did not come from above”, but out of the ground itself. After several seconds, the light vanished and all became normal. The next day, they returned to the site and surveyed it, but found no traces of anything unusual.

These, then, are the reports of both experiences, which constitute a new sign…a phenomenon different from the ones we’ve grown accustomed to hearing about, don’t you think? However, as we have said at the Centro de Estudios Ovni, the phenomenon is out there.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

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