by Osvaldo Murray


(From Revista Revelación, Santiago de Chile, May 1996 pages 10-13)

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Q: Could you see a face, a head?

A: Yes, it had a head. I couldn’t see it face, due to the distance separating us. But it had a body, legs, arms, everything.

Q: Did it wear pants?

A: The tunic covered it completely.

Q: Could you see its feet?

A: No, no, no. But it went by slowly, not quickly.

Q: At what height was it flying, do you think?

A: Five meters.

Q: The trees on the corner are around six or seven meters tall, let me remind you.

A: Then it was at ten meters, but very low. After seeing it, I was unable to speak for about fifteen minutes. I was so startled. I’d never seen or imagined anything like it.

Q: Did this being seem to look at you?

A: I don’t know. I don’t think so. I saw it heading straight toward the tree.”

Q: How was it flying, vertically (standing up) or on its side?

A: On its side.

Q: What color was it, aside from white? Was there a certain luminosity to its tunic?

A: Yes, it shined, as if glowing. There was a somewhat bluish glow.

Q: Did the edges of the suit or tunic have a different color?

A: Yes, it wasn’t completely white.

Q: Could you please explain that better.

A: It looked white in the middle, but not white on the sides. It’s so hard to explain what one saw.

Q: What color was it?

A: I don’t know, I can’t explain.

Q: Is there a chance that you mistook it for something else, for example – though it sounds silly – a large kite?

A: No, not at all. I’m entirely certain about what I saw, and what I saw was nothing known.

Q: Did it make any noise?

A: Nothing, no noise, nothing at all. That it could have been a plane or anything like it…no chance.

Q: Did it fly like Superman?

A: Exactly the same.

Q: With its arms outstretched?

A: No, with its arms alongside the body. It made no movement.

Q: Could it have lacked hands and arms?

A: It could have not had them, but one imagines it would.

Q: But, did it have a head?

A: Yes, it had a head.

Q: What was its head like? Like a human being’s?

A: Like a human being’s. And I say it was a human being.

Q: Was it covered by a hat or something?

A: No, it looked black. The only thing that looked black was the head. It was entirely white everywhere else. There was nothing noticeable about the head, except that it was black.

Q: But was there something there instead of a head?

A: Of course, there was a head.

Q: Where did it stop?

A: On the tree. (The witness makes reference to a poplar tree some 80 meters distant from his back yard, more or less, located at the corner of Independencia and Pasaje Quito streets).

Q: Where did it cross?

A: From the front, as it from the top of that house on Pasaje Ferrada, passing over my girlfriend’s house to the poplar tree (the witness explains that it appears to have emerged from a tall cherry tree in front of the house, glancing over the rooftop and flying overhead).

Q: You saw it take off from the tree?

A: No, that’s why I’m telling you that it must have emerged from one of the two houses in the front. It came straight toward us and headed over there, toward the poplar.

Q: The girls who were with you…did they notice anything about what was happening?

A: They only realized when they saw I was speechless.

Q: What was your reaction?

A: Completely blank. Unable to make a move. I couldn’t speak. That’s when my girlfriend shook me to make me react, to see what was going on.

Q: Did they ever know what was happening to you?

A: They never knew, because it all happened behind their backs.

Q: And when you were able to react, what did you tell them?

A: I began to speak in spurts; I told them what had happened, gathered them and we went into the house immediately.

Q: How long do you think you witnessed the transit of this extraordinary being?

A: Some ten seconds, flying slowly.

Q: If you could imagine it standing up, how tall would it be?

A: Standing up? One meter seventy. Of course, it was at a distance. But having it close at hand, it must have been much taller.

Q: You saw it land on the tree?

A: It lost itself in the tree. It got into the tree and never reappeared.

This interview was carried out with the top of the poplar tree in full view. I asked the witness to change positions, with the poplar now entirely in view. Then I asked him:

Q: Could it have gone past the tree, or did it stay there?

A: It vanished as it reached the tree. I stared at it, hoping for another glimpse, but I didn’t see it again. It was only later that I regained speech.

Q: Over three months have transpired since that extraordinary event. Have you drawn any conclusions from it?

A: It frightened me. Frightened me to see it. I think it is looking for something. No idea what it might be, but it’s after something.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]


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