In the evening of August 15, I got a last minute call from the producer of C2C (CoasttoCoastAM for the uninitiated) offering me a short interview in the first hour with George Noory.

Because the time would be limited I decided to focus on two recent developments. I told George about my encounter with a very skeptical retired judge at a recent MUFON event where he allowed me to “present my case” to him in support of my claim that Billy Meier scooped NASA on an extremely important scientific discovery, one of many. His “verdict” may surprise you…as it did even him.

And we discussed the new, professional, state-of-the-art photo analysis of the controversial WCUFO. It ends the debate over the authenticity of Meier’s photographs and video of and this controversial object eliminating any possibility that it was an elaborate model, as wannabes and skeptics have been loudly proclaiming for some time.

Ironically, I was preceded by a nice, sincere man reporting on all the ooooh and aaaah sightings of lights in the sky, which, considering that Meier was within just a few yards of the WCUFO when he took all 63 of his stunning photos back in the early1980s, is actually beyond laughable. Now that the best, clearest, closest photographs of an actual extraterrestrial UFO have been proven authentic…can we please move on and start paying attention to the actual reason for Meier’s contacts? As stated many times before, they are intended to help us to help ourselves to assure our own future survival. 

While my total time with George Noory (for my 15th appearance on C2C) was probably less than 40 minutes, it was a groundbreaking experience. In fact, George cited both Linda Moulten-Howe and Jacques Vallee as now telling him that they also recognize the authenticity of the Meier case. Not only was the overall tone of the callers similarly supportive but the voluminous feedback I’m receiving from listeners reflects the same positivity, which is so different from any of my previous appearances.

Ever so slowly, this growing awareness, this silent revolution of truth, is gaining momentum and will create an unstoppable force that offers hope for humanity, certainly in the long run… as the tide begins to turn.

My latest appearance on C2C can be found at around 12:20 here. And I should add that, yes, I will honor the free DVD offer I made to the listeners of C2C that night.



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