The international press has often been the best at presenting the news, but now stories that they cover are showing up more frequently in our domestic press as well.

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And now it looks like there’s a reliable, if not intentional, mainstream source for updates and progress reports on…the Henoch Prophecies. Now both Der Spiegel and our news sources inadvertently reveal not only why “many countries will howl with the wolves of the US” but some reasons why the countries “will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them.”

If you want to see more examples of how racial polarization contributes to a climate in which the “United States of America will break apart” and “which then leads to the division into five different territories”, or how “America’s global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her” are “creating enormous hatred against her”, or even find an unexpected piece on what Billy Meier regards as one of the core problems facing us, we can check the WT.

Using the Henoch Prophecies, and others by Billy Meier, as a reference point, we may be shocked to see how the pieces of the puzzle are already beginning to create the devastating picture painted by Henoch, long ago, when he foretold that…”the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.”

It’s long past time to wake and pay attention to, and act upon, the vitally important information pertaining to our own future survival, by Billy Meier and the very real Plejaren extraterrestrials. And it’s also time for us to stop letting ourselves be unwittingly misled by disinformation about “UFOs” that is generated by very manipulative terrestrial sources.


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