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Heinrich Himmler’s infamous Occult Corps (Geheimnisvolle Korps) kept an eye on all committed occultists in Germany. Since marriage ceremonies had already been devised for the SS elite, it is to be expected that someone presumed from Himmler’s Occult Corps — not a common civil magistrate — performed Hitler’s marriage. But bodyguard Rochus Misch never talked about that last enigma of the bunker. Did an occultist Hitler Double get away unobserved from the Berlin Fuehrerbunker?

According to some reports, certified ministers of the Occult Corps frequently claimed that it was actually Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed antichrist (Beast 666), who ran the Third Reich from behind the scenes.

The origin of Hitlerism and its relation to the occult have been a part of popular culture. Nazism was an occult religion with Hitler as a god. The Fuhrer allegedly came to believe himself a reincarnation of Landulf II of Capua (943-961), and went through initiation to corroborate it. (Landulf, who was occasionally associated in legends with the spear of destiny of Longinus, fled to Sicily after his traitorous links to Islam were disclosed.)

Rochus Misch described details of the bunker suicide scene: Suddenly I heard somebody shouting to Hitler’s attendant: ‘Linge, Linge, I think it’s happened.’ They’d heard a gunshot, but I hadn’t… I saw Hitler slumped with his head on the table… I watched as they wrapped Hitler up. His legs were sticking out as they carried him past me.

The next day the drama continued. Down in the bunker, the six children of Germany’s new leader — Joseph Goebbels — were drugged and murdered. It was their own mother Magda who killed them.

‘Straight after Hitler’s death, Mrs Goebbels came down to the bunker with her children,’ Mr Misch recalls. ‘She started preparing to kill them. She couldn’t have done that above ground — there were other people there who would have stopped her. That’s why she came downstairs — because no one else was allowed in the bunker. She came down on purpose to kill them.

‘The kids were right next to me and behind me. We all knew what was going to happen. It was clear. I saw Hitler’s doctor, Dr Stumpfegger give the children something to drink. Some kind of sugary drink. Then Stumpfegger went and helped to kill them. All of us knew what was going on. An hour or two later, Mrs Goebbels came out crying. She sat down at a table and began playing patience.’ (Steve Rosenberg, I was in Hitler’s suicide bunker, BBC News, September 3, 2009)

Before Misch’s death, Spiegel reported: Former Chancellor Willy Brandt once visited him, he recalls, as did many filmmakers. But Misch never talks about the last secret surrounding the final days in the bunker.

Every minute of those last days is on record — everything except for who shot Hermann Fegelein, the SS general married to Eva Braun’s sister. Fegelein was Heinrich Himmler’s liaison officer with Hitler and left the bunker without permission on April 27. Arrested in his Berlin apartment, the SS general was executed on April 29. Misch says he knows who pulled the trigger, but won’t reveal his identity, even though he is dead. He says Hitler didn’t have Fegelein shot, contrary to a claim by the late historian Joachim Fest. He only demoted him.

Misch prefers to talk about Hanna Reitsch, the pilot who wanted to fly the Goebbels’ six children out of Berlin. He says Goebbels wanted to rescue the children but that his wife Magda had them all killed out of loyalty to Hitler. After they had been killed, she played cards.

He recalls seeing Eva Braun sitting dead in the corner of the sofa, her head turned to Hitler, ‘her knees pulled up to her chest, she had a dark blue dress on and a white frill on her collar.’ (Ralf Simon, Interview With Hitler’s Bodyguard: The Secrets of Hitler’s Last Living Aide, Spiegel Online International, July 30, 2007)

Misch said: I had noticed that Mueller from the Gestapo was there — and he was never usually around. I said to my comrade Hentschel, the mechanic: ‘Maybe we will be killed for being the last witnesses.’

Misch fled with others into the rubble of Berlin. Working his way through cellars and subways, Misch surfaced after hearing German spoken above through an airshaft. But the voices came from soldiers that were taken prisoners, and the Soviet guards grabbed him as well.

Following the German surrender on May 7, 1945, Misch was taken to the Soviet Union, where he spent the next nine years in prisoner of war camps before being allowed to return to Berlin in 1954. Rochus Misch was finally reunited with his wife Gerda, and his daughter Brigitta Jacob-Engelken, on New Year’s Eve 1953:

Father and daughter seemed to have little in common. They argued. Then Brigitta’s maternal grandmother let her into an amazing secret: Brigitta’s mother was Jewish.

‘My grandmother said to me, ‘I think it’s good to keep in touch with your roots. But don’t tell your mother. She doesn’t want that.’

Mr Misch refused to accept that his wife was Jewish. (Steve Rosenberg, My father was Hitler’s bodyguard, BBC News, September 4, 2009)

* * *

*It was a black day in Berlin. Prisoners were being moved. A mysterious aircraft lingered on a makeshift airstrip in the Tiergarten Park near the Brandenburg Gate. The third man leisurely stepped into the top-secret aircraft. *

*The Gestapo mole was a hairless old gentleman, dressed as a white-robed SS orderly. Some thought that he was a civil magistrate who had come to perform Hitler’s marriage. He was a prince of Hanover, Firstborn of the Illuminati. He pondered the nightfall and listened to the approaching Soviet troops. Nothing remains, he resentfully reasoned. Every wrong has already been done. *

*The shadowy vehicle abruptly lifted into the twilight and vanished from view. The last transfer had been done. The suicide mission was accomplished. Soviet fighters broke through the German lines and suspected they had just seen the Fuhrer’s escape.*

*The child is dead, the third man thought to himself.*

* * *

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