Three UFO Films Worth Watching…One May Change Your Life

The three most watched UFO films at UFOTV that were posted in the past several weeks are Out of the Blue, The Urzi Case and the film I produced, The Silent Revolution of Truth. 

First, I’m not going to do an in-depth critique of the films but I am going to point out a couple of things that I most certainly hope will be noted by all people who are interested in the UFO topic.

Out of the Blue is a very professional, well-produced documentary on the overall UFO topic, featuring various sightings, comments by astronauts, investigators, witnesses, etc. It discusses aspects of the cover-up of and the refusal by various officials to honestly acknowledge the situation. Indeed, it shows just how dedicated to a very dumbed down handling of the matter officialdom has been engaged in for many decades.

The Urzi Case seems to me to be mainly recent UFO footage shot from a rather limited vantage point by a sincere Italian man. He clams to have had many years of such sightings that also predated his videotaping of the objects. We also hear from his girlfriend and various family members about the situation. I didn’t find much more to the film than that since there was no actual contact or unique, significant information to be shared.

Now my criticism isn’t about how well the films were done, or the topic matter they discussed. They both did a very good job with what they had to work with. The problem is that, through no one’s fault, neither film really had that much to work with. Neither film presented anything that conclusively establishes what they both imply, indeed what the entire “UFO community” would like us to believe, i.e. that they have proof of the extraterrestrial nature and origins of the objects that have been reported, filmed, etc. In fact, neither film could prove that the objects weren’t secret military craft of terrestrial origin, nor did they try to.

Despite how “obvious” it is to the true believers that any and all unidentified objects are in themselves proof that they are extraterrestrial, neither of the films can assist in establishing that fact. This is also a true representation of the entire UFO field, with one notable exception, of course.

The solitary exception is the Billy Meier contact case, ongoing since…1942. In The Silent Revolution of Truth, while we present Meier’s incomparable and truly irreproducible physical evidence, we do something else that no other film can do. Along with a comprehensive view of the actual contactee, an on-screen evaluation of his and another witness’s honesty – by an expert consultant to the U.S. Army Special Forces – some of the dozens of other eyewitnesses,  etc., we present something else of even greater importance.

We direct the viewer an even higher standard of proof, to Meier’s abundant, specific, prophetically accurate scientific information, which, upon very careful critical examination, could only have been gathered, or sourced, by far more advanced beings. Indeed by beings who time and again demonstrate that they can, somehow, access future events with unerring accuracy, e.g. And while we only reveal the tip of this prophetic iceberg in the film, anyone interested has completely free access to dozens and dozens of Meier’s specific prophecies and predictions, which are now unfolding at what should be viewed as an alarming rate.

And such alarm should be the case, especially among the so-called “UFO community” but for the fact that, ironically, it is collectively the least capable group – literally – of perceiving the very thing it claims to be seeking*.

Now, as far as the information is concerned, it’s safe to say that none of what’s in the first two films has had, or probably will have, a life-changing effect on your life other than giving you interesting open-ended questions to ponder. That’s fine of course; they both do a very good job of giving you everything that they have to offer. The difference is that the information in the Meier film, and the vast amount connected to it, will affect your life – whether you are aware of it or not.

In fact, it’s already affecting your life and will continue to do so. Trouble yourself to delve into the prophecies and predictions, the environmental and scientific information, etc. Ponder the fact that Meier’s information from 1987, naming the specific, obscure city from which the Russians will launch their future attacks – including against America and Canada! – is indeed exactly where they recently moved their troops and perhaps you will understand why I also focused an hour-long presentation on Do You Want Truth or Entertainment?.

Yes, these are three entertaining films. But one of them may very well be the key to our future survival…literally.

*Of course there’s no shortage of outright frauds, charlatans and delusional people claiming to be contactees, abductees, etc., which is uncritically accepted by the vast majority of the UFO seekers…despite zero credible supporting evidence. To be clear, there is so far zero conclusive proof of an “extraterrestrial presence engaging humankind”, as well as the equally delusional “thousands of contactees”, multitudes of “alien abductions” and scores of “alien-human hybrid babies”, as has long been espoused by the professional disinformation group, “exopolitics”, whose petition was recently given the well-deserved trashing by the U.S. government..

But put actual, un-falsifiable, verifiable, dated, copyrighted and published proof in front of their sleepy eyes and, well, most of the “UFO community” goes back to sleep.

A case in point is the folks at Open Minds radio, a not too aptly named group. Their interview of me was effectively the third attempt to try to discredit the Meier case. Of course the irony includes not only the fact that they spent $50,000 to obtain all of Wendelle Stevens’ research, books, etc. (the most important part of which is the Meier case) but also that they mistakenly consider themselves to be “scientific” in their approach to the UFO topic.


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