While it is just now beginning to come to light, the true – and as yet still unreported – terrible magnitude of the Fukushima disaster was first told to, and reported by, UFO contactee Billy Meier just days after it occurred.

In the days, weeks…and for generations to come, the world will not only come to realize, but also be plagued by, the awful truth.

Even so, many people are still barely be able to comprehend was has occurred and is unstoppably unfolding. So, for those interested persons who are finally ready to flush all the time wasting, “UFO-contactee-alien-abduction-ascension” disinformation down the drain, so that the long suppressed truth can come to light…now’s the time.

For over a decade I have referred to the Billy Meier case and its information as the key to our future survival. If you are among those who are finally ready to find out why, then you’ll find volumes of free information at my site and blog.

And, among many things, you may then wish to contemplate this information:

July 25, 2013, 7:54 AM: “…when the prophecies prove to be true”

…and consider what you can do to help awaken humankind to the assistance that’s long been freely offered to us.

You may also wonder just why the “UFO community” has fought so long and hard to suppress the truth about the singular authenticity of Billy Meier’s 70+ years of extraterrestrial contacts.

Especially since they…know that it’s true.

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