UFO Contact In The Amelia Case (Part Two)

By Scott Corrales
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The Amelia Case: UFO Contact in Necochea (Part Two)
By Guillermo D. Giménez

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1989 was a fruitful year for UFO sightings in the city of Necochea and throughout the region. We can also mention an abduction incident – a CE-3 – involving a person from the neighboring city of Tres Arroyos.

There was also a sighting of a large UFO over the Necochea Aerodrome in October of that year. It was described as a “large circle, very shiny, from which hung something akin to a tail. It hovered over the pine trees for a few minutes and very near the house,” said the person in charge of the local aerodrome’s facilities, who preferred to remain anonymous. “It was really a very white light, very powerful, as though surrounded by many smaller stars, also bright.”

The object subsequently went behind the hill (in a North-South direction). The UFO, according to the eyewitness accounts, was no less than 200 meters from the dwelling.

But there were three incidents that occurred in THE SAME PLACE on different dates, featuring the SAME WITNESSES within a time frame no greater than a month and a half.

Both protagonists are specialists in computer science and we are identifying them as D.P and D.B. – their names are being kept in confidence at their request, and they are strongly related to the Amelia G. Case.

The first of these incidents occurred on Sunday, 1 October 1989; the second on Wednesday, 22 November and the third on Monday, 11 December 1989.

All three incidents share the same characteristics: circular objects, always a UFO in each observation, very bright and red and white in color, hovering over Miguel Lillo Park, over the sea and in the vicinity of Punta Negra, some 15 kilometers distant from the city of Necochea and along the coastline.

The incidents took place between 21:30 and 23:00 hours.

“It will appear three times as a signal,” we read in one of the messages received. Both witnesses now work alongside Amelia G. with the same goal. Getting ready for the “encounter”. They all met by “sheer chance.”

They know that they have the same mission – that these events are linked and that they will have more evidence, as the sign showed them that there was no chance involved in all this. They accept the strange, paranormal events naturally.

Premonitions, UFO sightings. Preparation for widespread contact?

March 1990

Guillermo – They told me to “seek out the names”. For what? “To convey the news”. What must I do with them? “Train them.” But how?
It’s so odd. They have applied a “tensor ray” on me (according to them) that acts on the pineal gland and the hypophysis (also known as the pituitary). This week, at the request of Dr. Vicente García Croce, from Necochea, I submitted to a glandular study due to my thyroid problem. Upon seeing the results, he told me that the hypophysis was more accelerated than normal, but that I shouldn’t worry since it wasn’t something extreme. I think it has to do with the tensor beam.

What do you think? – Amelia

Thursday, 22 March 1990

Faced with doubts about these events, D.B. requests greater proof.

And so it was that he came to see two strange white lights over the sea, one greater than the other. Both subsequently vanished before the larger one reappeared, but now it was sky blue. Also seen in the sky and over the beach area was a circular red object heading toward Costa Bonita, emitting bright flashes.

D.P. receives a clear telepathic message in his home, hours later.

That very same evening, another person involved in the subject experiences a strange dream. In the dream, he is taken aloft in a UFO by these beings, and can see Amelia G. inside the object.

That same night, Amelia G. is taken aboard and “consecrated” by the beings with who she is in contact.

April – May 1990

On Sunday, 29 April, a mothership is seen on the Necochea coastline. Dozens see how the “flying cigar”, in their own description, flies over a Cessna 152 and over the “Adamastos”, a merchant vessel with Cypriot registry, which had run aground 150 meters from Quequén’s Costa Bonita resort. The large, silvery UFO flew very slowly without making any sound whatsoever; vanishing from sight after it entered the sea in a southerly heading. This occurred around 17:00 hours.

“It appeared as quickly as it vanished,” said Stella Maris Perviú and Jorge Enrique Gondo, among the witnesses to the phenomenon. The object finally vanished by sinking silently into the ocean.

A few kilometers away, and at the same time, again in the vicinity of the Necochea Aerodrome, pilot Leonardo Ruggiero – aboard a Piper PA 12 – sees another flying object over the area. “I don’t know what it was. I can’t even say that it was an object. But when I heard that it had been seen in the vicinity of the ship, perhaps it was the same thing – a UFO.”

On Saturday, 19 May, many Necocheans witnessed several UFOs over the city, particularly in the coastal area, and also over the Punta Negra area (over Miguel Lillo Park and the sea, at various points along the coastline).

That same evening, a fleet of UFOs was seen over in neighboring Tres Arroyos.

New Messages Received:

“There is a lead group later on”; “We are going to support you”; “The time grows near…”

Summer 1991:

Among the new sessions with Amelia G., she tells us about her new experiences of a telepathic nature and UFO manifestations in the city of Necochea and La Plata. For the latter, she has numerous witnesses who corroborate the sightings.

Current events:

A number of sightings have occurred from those years to the present. They take place in the same habitual location. (See: “El Incidente de Necochea, Análisis de un Contacto”, “Extrañas Huellas en Necochea”, “Fenómenos OVNI en Necochea”, “Incidentes en la Costa Atlántica: Observaciones OVNI en Necochea y Quequén”, “Enero 2003: Presencias OVNI en Necochea” – all by Guillermo D. Giménez).

Amelia G. still lives in the cities of Necochea and La Plata.

As we can see, the messages, telepathic communications, strange dreams and UFO sightings – the latter that are perfectly verifiable – are ongoing.

UFO manifestations repeat in the city of Necochea (Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina). In various locations of the same area (central region, coastal region, Miguel Lillo Park, Quequén River, Quequén beaches, etc.) and all seasons up to the present, with various types of witnesses (professionals in a variety of fields, housewives, fishermen – both on the coast and in the Argentinean Sea itself – photographers, tourists, students, etc.). In some cases there is photo and video evidence to corroborate it all.

Does this go to prove the authenticity of the events that occurred?

Research is ongoing, as are the events.

(Translation (c)2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Carlos Iurchuk, El Dragón Invisible)

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