UFO Contact In The Amelia Case

By Scott Corrales
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy
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The Amelia Case: UFO Contact in Necochea (Argentina)
By Guillermo D. Gimenez

On February 4, 1988 a strange circle measuring over a meter and a half in diameter, covered in fungi, was found at a private residence located across from the Miguel Lillo Park of the city of Necochea. The grass within the circle was much darker and overgrown than usual.

Mr. Basilio Lichowski, 63, noticed the strange circle in his summer home. “The first thing that surprised me was to see toadstools at this time of the year. Nothing like it had ever happened before, and I tore one out to show my wife, who pointed out how strange it all was.”

The perfect outline of the circle should be stressed. According to Lichowski himself, “it’s as though someone had used a compass to draw it.”

The couple has spent summers in Necochea for over 20 years. They reported no strange sounds in the night, nor did anything unusual attract their attention. But things weren’t over yet.

A few days later, six more circles having the same characteristics as the previous one, only larger – one of them was 5 meters in diameter – were found near the Sociedad Rural de Necochea’s stadium.

Siblings Germán Exequiel and Pedro Enrique Dencheff were playing at the stadium – located on Avda. 59 and Calle 106 — with their friend Claudio Messa. The first one noticed a toadstool that struck him by its sheer size, and attracted by curiosity, and unable to believe what his eyes were seeing, summoned his brother Pedro and his friend Claudio.

Pedro Dencheff noted: “Almost immediately, I realized they were forming a circle.” It had a diameter of nearly 5 meters, but that wasn’t all. There were lesser circles surrounding it, measuring approximately 4 meters.”

The six circles discovered on 11 February 1988 in the Sociedad Rural’s stadium have similar characteristics. In all cases, the grass is much darker than in the rest of the premises, and the toadstools are in these areas.

In both cases – Villa Balnearia and Sociedad Rural – we find very similar characteristics in the marks discovered. Some witnesses at the time were reporting “strange lights in the sky” over Necochea, in the beach and park area, as well as their vicinity.

During the investigation I carried out on these events, I met Mrs. Amelia G., a neighbor of the Lichowskys and owner of the residence where the first incident occurred. That same morning, on 4 February, she had a bizarre dream: she was wakened in the early morning hours only to see two blond humanoid figures standing near her living room window. These two entities, wearing form-fitting, glowing outfits were then in her backyard, walking around as if conducting an investigation.

When she woke up in the morning, she saw a strange circular mark that appeared out of nowhere in the backyard of the house next door, with many people remarking on the possible presence of UFOs.

Recalling her strange dream, she went to the back of her home and was astonished to find that where the entities had walked in her dream, the grass was darker than normal.

This was the start of the incidents that involved the UFO subject and paranormal phenomena (clairvoyance, telepathy, premonitory dreams, etc.) centered around Mrs. Amelia G.

I kicked off my investigation with an interview. I found her to be an extremely sensitive woman at the center of strange events that involved her as the main protagonist.

I’ve omitted her name and other information along with that of other persons involved in these strange events. Their information, however, is in my possession.

Let us now listen to the protagonist of this mysterious incident.

Q: What’s your name?
A: Amelia G.
Q: How old are you?
A: 50
Q: Where were you born?
A: In Quequén, a city close to Necochea
Q: What day?
A: 11 February 1949
Q: Are you married?
A: Yes.
Q: Any children?
A: Yes. Three, two girls and a boy
Q: What is your current profession?
A: Middle school teacher.
Q: What happened to you in the early morning hours of 4 February 1988 in Necochea?
A: I had a strange dream. I saw two blond men in tight-fitting uniforms standing beside my living room window. Later, in the same dream, I saw them standing in the backyard.
Q: What were the beings like?
A: Well, they were tall people, normal, similar to us. Two straight haired blond males, standing between 1.70 and 1.80 meters approximately. They wore very close-fitting, glowing outfits. The fact is that they’d go completely unnoticed among us if they wore normal clothes and not those silver coveralls. They features were perfectly human.
Q: How long did this last?
A: I can’t specify the dream’s duration.
Q: When you woke up in the morning, what happened?
A: When I woke up I could feel a buzzing in my head, and a sense of nausea. We noticed that the clock had stopped at 2:15 a.m., and the cat had been frightened out of the box where she normally slept, hiding under the blankets in my son’s bedroom. Later on, upon going outside, we saw a lot of people clustered around the neighboring property. There was a 2 ½ meter circle with overgrown grass and a profusion of toadstools that weren’t there the previous day. What’s interesting is that when I touched the grass, all of my malaise vanished like a balloon going pop.
Q: What did you think happened?
A: At the time I didn’t associate one with another, but as months went by and dream repeated, with the added detail of flying saucers on occasions, craters like those of volcanoes, from which men emerged, I started to think everything was connected.
Q: What changes have you undergone since then?
A: From that day on, I’ve become much more focused, religious, aloof and serene. I also started having visions of things to come, which later came to pass, and hearing a voice in my head warning me of hazards, or urging me to correct bad habits or unwholesome feelings.
Q: Did these paranormal powers cause problems in your daily life?
A: They certainly did, because my family did not adapt to the change in my personality and they found it hard to believe what I told them, to the extent that I was advised to go see a psychiatrist, thinking that it was an obsession of mine that would do me harm. I had a certain measure of fear, but I was also curious to see what would happen. When I went to bed, I would speak to them, asking them who they were and what they wanted. At the same time I asked for their protection and to make themselves visible. I also began meditating to try and connect with them, whatever they were. Because at times I believe that it was those entities, and at others I thought it was Jesus.
Q: When did you decide to request professional help?
A: A year later I decided to seek professional help, since my request for their identification went unanswered, and my family was very insistent and worried. I was also becoming concerned.
Q: What is the psychologists name?
A: Maria Lujan D.
Q: Do you still see her?
A: No, not anymore.
Q: What conclusion did you reach?
A: She studied me in detail and concluded that it was neither imagination nor fantasy on my part, but something real that went beyond her knowledge. She advised me to become a researcher of my own phenomena, resorting to books, publications, people who were knowledgeable about the subject, and pursue meditation until the matter was settled.
Q: Have you seen lights in the sky again?
A: Yes, like fireballs, flying over the house once, over the trees of Parque Miguel Lillo, twice more over the sea. One evening, my son witnessed one making the sign of the cross at two in the morning in the sky.
Q: How did these UFOs behave?
A: They crossed the sky rapidly like red fireballs, except for one that was white and moved slowly over the sea, high up.
Q: Did anyone else see them?
A: My son and daughter once, and a friend.
Q: Do you remain in telepathic contact with the ufonauts?
A: Telepathic contact and images. At times I feel like I’m about to fall asleep inside a tunnel. When I wake up I recall fragmentary scenes. For example: an expanse of water, and I say with astonishment: the oceans of Venus! On another occasion I remember standing in front of something very large that shines like a diamond and I exclaim: God! I also remember seeing an immense orange sun. But the most remarkable thing was that I once felt myself leaving my body, and was with my son, who told me to move away from all these things, and I replied: “You get away while you still can. I’ve seen the light, and those who’ve seen the light cannot turn away from it again.”
Q: What more have they told you?
A: They’ve taught me things and say they protect me. I found out who they were, because after insisting about their identities and where I could meet them, they pointed out a place 5 kilometers away. When I went, I found the imprint of a flying saucer. I then began calling them “extraterrestrial brothers”. From that moment on, things became more simple and clear. They have told me many things. The Sioux were brought from Mars to Earth, Gypsies once dwelled in Lemuria, and after living in many lands, the survivors settled in Hungary. I’ve also been given teachings of universal love and morality. I’ve spoken with Kuthumi several times. One time, when a person questioned what I said, Kuthumi spoke these words: “Does that strenghten your faith? Does it lessen it? The stone cast away by the builders is today the cornerstone, and that stone is faith. Kuthumi speaks.”
When I was invited to speak on radio, I talked to my “brothers” and asked them for proof to show people that what I say is true. “Señora Nada” answered me in these words: “It is seemly for you to want to set our seal on it. We will support you. After they read the books, a chat with you will be clear.”
On another occasion, I had a headache and asked them to heal me. They replied: “This is Hilarion from Mount Mebo – lightning and flames. Lightning and flames.” (twice)
The last time, I spoke with Korton and among other things he asked me to: “Ask for the pillar of knowledge.” I was also told that the heart of Mary Mother of Jesus loves all sons equally, the good and the bad.
Q: So what happened to you within the circle?
A: It was in December 1989. When I stepped inside the circle I became dizzy, and felt as though I was about to lift off. My feet were about to separate from the ground.
Q: What were their names?
A: Hilarion and Nada. Kuthumi and Kortan.
Q: Where are they from?
A: Hilarion and Nada are from the White Brotherhood. Kuthumi is a world teacher and Kortan is the Chief of the Universal Communications Center on Mars.
Q: Why do you think they chose you?
A: One time I asked them why they’d chosen me, what they wanted from me, and I received a reply full of love and authority. “Kuthumi speaking. We choose whom we want and you will know in due time.”
Q: Do they speak to more people in Necochea?
A: I understand that they do.
Q: Are they preparing more people?
A: I can’t say so for sure.
Q: How?
A: Neither the means nor the methods.
Q: Why are UFOs seen so regularly at Miguel Lillo Park and in Punta Negra, on the shores of Necochea?
A: Many people who study the subject believe, or perhaps know, that there is a great source of power in those areas.
Q: Are they there?
A: So they say, and while I have no reason to question it, I have not received confirmation that there are ships permanently there.
Q: What happened to you at Punta Negra on January 1990?
A: At Punta Negra in January, as part of an observation and research expedition, I saw lights appearing and disappearing, racing across the sky at great speed.
Q: Have they given you definite proof of their existence?
A: Not yet, although I have Señora Nada’s word on it. But I have no doubt, because I’ve ascertained everything they’ve told me. I’m in them, they’re in me. And I’ve sworn them loyalty and fidelity.
Q: Are you going to have physical contact with them?
A: I’m sure of it. They’ve told me time is not yet right. I must be well prepared. I’ve already chosen the site.
Q: Here in Necochea?
A: Yes, it’s in Necochea.
Q: When will contact take place?
A: I don’t known the day or the time, nor how long I’ll have to wait for that moment.
Q: Finally, what message would you give us?
A: It is important to say that they’ve expressed a great concern for human conduct, that our task must be to improve every day and aid others to improve themselves. They also state that all men have the responsibility to rule and co-rule, committing themselves to the task of rebuilding the country in this critical hour.

And with those words, I took leave of my witness, having made her recall much of her experiences. To date, there are new events and new strange happenings. There is much more to be researched and investigated. Research isn’t over yet. The case deserves it.

(Part II of this fascinating contactee chronicle continues here)

(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Carlos Iurchuk, El Dragón Invisible)

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