UFO Over Iguazu Falls, Argentina

By Scott Corrales
UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent

Source: La Voz de Las Cataratas (website)

Date: 02.20.11

Argentina: A UFO Over Iguazu Falls?

Ariel Suarez in an exclusive interview with La Voz de las Cataratas described what he saw and recorded with his cell phone early Wednesday morning in the vicinity of the Santa Rosa district: a zigzagging object in the heavens that subsequently vanished.
Suarez, 29, was enjoying the warm evening with his girlfriend around 2 in the morning on Wednesday when they noticed a light moving in the sky. Reaching for his cell phone, he recorded the object, which changed colors and zigzagged. “The image lasted about a minute, and then it vanished in the sky as though something had absorbed it,” Ariel told La Voz de las Cataratas.

His video clearly shows the object moving in the sky over Iguazú on a moonlight night. It can be seen on the La Voz news screen.

Close-up of object

Believing in the existence or non-existence of life beyond our planet and visits from extraterrestrial entities goes transcends belief, skepticism and myth, as it requires serious scientific study. Specialists say that we must go beyond “watching tiny lights” or recording videos to an in-depth study of the phenomenon. “The UFO phenomenon has been manifesting itself for thousands or millions of years,” said Marco Antonio Gomez Perez, a researcher of the subject, during the Foro OVNI Paranormal discussion held on 29 January 2011 in Mexico City by the Sociedad Mexicana de Filosofía Hermética.

The term unidentified flying object, better known by its acronym — UFO — refers to the sighting of a real or apparent flying object that cannot be identified by the observer and whose origin remains unknown following an investigation. UFOs are generally associated with flying saucers. While sightings of unusual aerial phenomena go back to antiquity, the term flying saucer was popularized in 1947 — mistakenly, one could say.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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