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Upon looking southward (toward the Necochea shoreline) he was startled to see the strange object. The time between 21.15 to 21.20 hrs.

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He tells us that “it wasn’t an aicraft. I think it was a UFO. It was oval-shaped, similar to 2 soup plates joined at the edges, very bright, and had a dome with a little blue light.”

“By the time I called her it was already gone. Only a few seconds had elapsed since his sighting of the object, whose size he was unable to ascertain, although adding that it was “very large.”Cuando la iba a llamar ya había desaparecido”. Sólo habían pasado unos segundos desde que avistó el objeto, del que no pudo precisar el tamaño, aunque afirmó que era “muy grande”.

Photo of Sr. Orlando Ostrobski, who witnessed the March 1, 2000 UFO on the shores of Quequén (Argentina).

Having consulted the Necochea Airport for flights in that area, we were given a negative response: no airplanes flew over the shores of Necochea or Quequén at that time.

The object moved in silence. There was no sound of engines or injectors. “Nothing could be heard,” states Ostrobski.

He further added that “airplanes have tails, where their beacons are located, and this object lacked both tail and beacon.” At this time, the night was starry and clear.

“I was on the deck and could see this large light coming. I thought: It’s not a plane, nor a chopper, because I couldn’t hear any engine noise.”

Which is why he says: ” One doesn’t lie about these things. You say what you saw and that’s it.”

Durante the course of our research a few days after these events, were were able to find other witnesses in the area who saw the same phenomenon.

The UFO was was coming from the shores of the city of Necochea and into Quequén’s bathing area.

Here can be found a large number of Mediterranean-style dwellings which are largely unoccupied, since they are summer residences. Its rocky sand beaches, along the pathway, offer a glimpse of an uncanny landscape. We also found several sand dunes and the Quequén Lighthouse some 400 meters away from the Pinocho area, on Calle 541 between 514 and 516, built in 1921 and standing 70 meters tall. In its vicinity we find the “Necochea Golf Club” which offers uncomparable greens.

There is a considerable UFO presence through this area.

View of the lighthouse and shores of Quequén (Argentina) a region frequented by UFOs and the locale for the March 1, 2000 sighting.

[Translation (c) 2000, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]



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