BY JORGE MORENO/SIPSE – MERIDA Yucatan – Many internationally-known researchers have associated UFOS with ancient cultures and have spoken about sightings over such archaeological sites as the Egyptian pyramids or South America’s Easter Island.
Yucatán is no exception, and similar cases have occurred in such sites as Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Acanceh.
Whether it is due to the alleged energy the emerges from such pyramids as Uxmal and Chichen Itza, or as skeptics would have it, by mere coincidence, the fact is that photos showing alleged spacecraft have been seen prowling these sites.
One of the most famous ones was taken by an Argentinean tourist. The UFO appears beside the pyramid, in a photo she took of herself as a souvenir. Tourists and locals also state seeing strange lights stalking these locations, and claim that their movements do not correspond to anything that may have a rational explanation (airplanes, helicopters, satellites, etc.)
Even employees of the Uxmal site have told me that they are “accustomed” to seeing – with certain regularity – lights engaging in irregular movements: “We do nothing and we do not report it, partly because we would be dismissed as insane, and partly because the lights cause no damage or anything that merits being reported.”
Employees of some Yucatán archaeological sites have become used to seeing lights in the heavens.
A few years ago, in Acanceh, I was informed of a UFO sighting near the pyramid located at the heart of the community. When I visited the site, I interviewed young Jiram Cetz and David Castilla, who had been the witnesses. They advised me that they’d seen such craft in nearby locations as well.
Three of their videos, in fact, were uploaded to YouTube and they went around almost daily with a camcorder in search of evidence. All of this began when they went to Homún in a pickup truck after classes at the “Acanceh” high school”. They were on their way to visit a friend and never thought such a thing would happen to them: “When we returned, I was sitting in the rear of the pickup, and as we entered Acanceh (along the Los Venados baseball field) one of my companions asked me to looked skyward. We all turned around and we looked: it was round, with colored lights, as though floating in the sky. What was odd is that it also moved, as though wobbling. It was quite near us. We were frightened, then it turned around and left,” said Jiram.
As of that moment, he says he told his friend David – who had a video camera – that they should return the next day in an effort to record it. They were lucky enough to see it that night and secure the recording.
They repeated the procedure over following nights and the UFO always returned. It flew over the town and left through the entrance to Timucuy. On several occasions, they camped out at the palapa [thatch-roofed shelter] that was at the entrance to the town, since they were friends with the owner, and it was still under construction at the time. The owner also admitted having seen the UFO, as it always passed overhead. The youths also managed to see a fleet of UFOs: “On one occasion, we managed to see six or seven of them. Suddenly, their lights went out and they turned them on again. Those craft flew together. We even became famous at school, since even our teachers asked us what we had recorded and couldn’t believe what we had seen,” he said.
“When we made inquiries from several adults, they weren’t surprised. They said it was common to see UFOs over the pyramid, and perhaps some connection existed,” he concluded.
[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno, SIPSE and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]
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